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Bigoted academia: The Board of Trustees of Evergreen State College decided yesterday to hold a “listening session.” Not surprisingly, they heard a lot of stories about how whites are considered second class citizens on the campus, and the attempt by some to challenge that status recently resulted in violence, harassment, and mob rule.

At the link are videos of testimony from two people that will make your blood run cold. This campus has become no different than an on-going hate session from Orwell’s 1984.

It is as important to listen to the testimony of the campus’s defenders. The statement of one professor in particular reveals their willingness to excuse bigotry, violence, and hate, all in the name of their personal “narratives,” whatever that means.

Professor Carolyn Prouty was especially blunt about wanting to see the Board “strategically” change the narrative.

“Finally moving forward it is critical that we all, including the Board I submit, thoughtfully and strategically choose the narratives that we tell about what happened,” Prouty said. She continued, “We are now in the time of sense-making, that is what I hear that you are here to do today. I want to advocate that each of us, all of us strategically and thoughtfully choose to listen, find and tell the stories of what happened, stories that understand social change to be messy and righeteous, difficult and necessary.”

In other words, make believe the bad stuff didn’t happen, and let the protesters off with no punishment.

I once again ask: Would you want to send your kids to this school? Would you want to attend it? I wouldn’t.



  • wodun

    I saw an article that said there was a drop in enrollment but the kids who choose to go here know what kind of school it is. It seems likely to me that the drop is from parents who vetoed the choice.

  • Andrew Martin Upton

    Sorry Bob, I disagree. She is asking that people listen to each other–strategically–and not get mired in the conflated bs and emotion of both sides–listen to the messages on all sides. That is what it takes to improve situations for everyone. She is right: this situation has been messy and righteous and difficult on every side.

  • Edward

    Sorry Andrew Martin Upton, I disagree.

    Professor Carolyn Prouty said, “… thoughtfully and strategically choose the narratives that we tell about what happened.

    This is choosing the story strategically, not listen to everyone’s story in order to get a full sense of what happened. Only later did she ask that people listen to the chosen story.

  • Andrew Upton

    Yes Edward–because there are many narratives out there–and some of them are false and have been paraded around by non-locals who do not know the many, many layers of this. Personal vendettas included. Peace.

  • Bill

    What’s going on so far this year? I was excited to see the national guard go in. Oh well. Maybe the horrifically impotent and incompetent President, George “Can I Pleeease Go to the Bathroom? NO!!!…Ok :(” Bridges has maintained the slightest level of control. Would love to hear an update.

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