More Obamacare exchanges expected to fail

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Finding out what’s in it: Eight of the remaining eleven Obamacare co-op exchanges are expected to default or go out of business before the end of the year, according to a new analysis.

Data compiled by TheDCNF based on the co-op 2015 annual reports suggest eight are likely to default and only four of them will be in business by year’s end. The co-op documents obtained by TheDCNF were annual reports filed before state insurance regulators. The reports must accurately depict the financial health of the co-ops and are current through the end of calendar year 2015. The annual reports became available to the public in mid-March.

More than half of the original 23 co-ops have already gone out of business, leaving hospitals and doctors with millions of dollars of unpaid bills.

Obviously, we must elect Clinton or Sanders, because they want to use the government to do more1


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  • Wayne

    Yowza… These “federally financed exchanges” appear to be nothing but money-laundering schemes for the favored-privileged. ( especially but not exclusively, the one in the Peoples Republic of Oregon, with apologies to the normal Oregonians.)
    Hospitals, Doctors, & ancillary providers, get stuck with the bill, crony’s get richer, & the people forced into these “exchanges” are exactly the people the Left claims to want to help.

    We are never going to figure out where all this money has evaporated, but we are however, going to be paying for it for years to come.

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