More than half the U.S. is covered with snow this November, the most in ten years.

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More than half the U.S. is covered with snow this November, the most in ten years.

The certainty of climate scientists:

Kevin Trenberth, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, agreed the surprising amount of snowfall is a separate issue from climate change. “If you warm up the atmosphere, you can actually get heavier snowfalls in winter,” Trenberth said. “That’s one of the ironic things about global warming. Maybe we can say that without climate change, it would be colder still. [emphasis mine]

In other words, according to Trenberth the increased snow cover and cold temperatures are evidence of global warming.



  • D. K. Williams

    Dumb-a** bureaucrat. I hope he gets frostbite from global warming.

  • Silvan Lombardi

    Devil’s Advocate ( let me be for a moment here ) :
    Please know I don’t believe in this man made global warming nonsense. Rising CO2 levels will NOT have a measurable effect on global temperatures. I can prove this ( too much to state here ) but we can summerize by pointing out that H2O i.e. clouds, water vapor, has a MUCH greater ability to retain heat.
    The only drawback to rising CO2 levels is – and many people don’t know this – that it is inversely proportional to O2 levels. The O2 that’s in CO2 mostly comes from cumbustion ( including the natural biological process of respiration which is a form of combustion ).
    Simply stated, as CO2 rises, O2 falls. But this is not a sufficient reason to support any of the ridiculous measures proposed by the left.
    Increased snowfall amounts cannot support global cooling either. ALL snow comes from water that EVAPORATED from somewhere. And as we all know, evaporation requires heat.
    So we cannot definitively argue this either way based solely on snowfall data.
    But as Robert Zimmerman has correctly pointed out, global temperatures have remained steady for the last 15 years.

  • Sadly, Trenberth is not a bureaucrat. He is a scientist with numerous published peer-reviewed papers on climate.

  • Edward

    With unexplained logic as presented by our esteemed scientist, Trenberth, that climate is counterintutive (warming is indicated by the increased cold weather) it is little wonder that people are leaving the global warming religion. A lot of the peer reviewed papers from climatologists have failed to predict the steady temperatures of the past 15 years, so there must be some factor other than CO2 that drives global temperatures.

    The problem is less that there is more snow and more that there is more cold around the world. Even Egypt was cold enough for snow.

    Just as with the winter of 2010, when there was heavy snow in New York and the “warmists” took seriously the teasing from the “deniers,” we are again arguing about the weather as though it is a gauge for change in climate.

    On the other hand, *this* “Chicken Little” is declaring that all this cold weather so far south is proof that the next ice age has started.

    Oh, wait. The temperature in my part of the country has warmed up this week, so I am changing my belief to global warming (it warmed up this past week, QED) and now agree with Trenberth.

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