Moronic Common Core lessons the federal government is imposing on public schools.

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Government marches on! Moronic Common Core lessons the federal government is imposing on public schools.

#4 is especially vile, as its whole point is to encourage racial hatred.

I have not written much about the federally mandated education program Common Core, but don’t worry, nothing about it will surprise you. It is like most things the federal government requires these days, poorly thought out, politically motivated, and destructive to our society.

Other than that, it is peachy cream wonderful!



  • Cotour

    That may be the stupidest thing I have ever read. What is the point of it?

    Are we reading it so out of context that context would clarify its intent? What is the educational goal / value of such “instruction”? Logic? mathematics? Morality? It is unclear to me.

  • wodun

    #4 is messed up for a variety of reasons but #2 is a good way to practice explaining a complex situation in a foreign language. Perhaps a traffic accident would be better than a murder though. #1 seems to be a don’t pick on people because they are different but in doing so makes the mistake of comparing people to monkies which is racially charged language.

  • Don

    We must destroy America before we rebuild America. One piece at a time, slowly, as with the proverbial frog first placed in room temperature water and slowly, slowly brought to a boil.

    Who was more shocked at the overwhelming public outcry over the ‘Duck Dynasty’ farce (a show I have never seen)? Me and thee? Or the far left? There’s still work to do comrades before the reeducation is finished. Forward!

    It has always been about K-12. That is why communists took over the teachers colleges decades ago, and slowly set to work. Look at how fast the schools fell into lockstep over AIDS in the 1980’s. One day it was as it had been for generations, next day cucumbers and condoms and all sort of moral rot.

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