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“Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation is effectively dead.”

Link here. The article details the legal reasons why it will be difficult if not impossible for Special Counsel (and partisan Democratic Party hack) Robert Mueller to bring further criminal charges against anyone in the Trump administration.

Under federal law, a prosecutor is required “to disclose exculpatory and impeachment information to criminal defendants and to seek a just result in every case.” Specifically, pursuant to Giglio v. United States, prosecutors are obligated to provide defendants with impeachment evidence, which includes, according to the DOJ’s guidelines, evidence of a witness’s biases, “[a]nimosity toward defendant,” or “[a]nimosity toward a group of which the defendant is a member or with which the defendant is affiliated.”

As a result, in any prosecution brought by Mueller against a Republican target, defense counsel would be entitled under the Constitution to all evidence in the government’s possession relevant to exploring the apparent biases of FBI agent Peter Strzok and his animosity toward Trump and the Republican Party. This, in and of itself, could be a case-killer because it is very unlikely that Mueller or the DOJ would want defense counsel poring through all the records and documents, emails, and texts in the DOJ’s and Strzok’s possession revealing the agent’s biases since this could fatally undermine any other cases or investigations the agent has worked on—such as the FBI’s decision to recommend charging General Flynn with lying to federal agents even though Hillary Clinton’s besties, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, were given a free pass despite apparently doing the same thing.

Significantly, the fatal damage done to Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation does not only rest in the fact that defense counsel will be able to conduct an unlubricated prostate examination on the FBI’s key agent at trial. Instead, the real reason why Mueller will not risk a criminal trial is the lasting damage that would be done to the FBI’s reputation by having Strzok’s baggage brought into the daylight.

To expose the agent’s biases, defense counsel would have the opportunity to cross-examine the agent and his apparent mistress, an FBI lawyer who also worked on Mueller’s investigation and the Clinton email probe, about their exchanged messages showing support for Clinton and hostility to Trump. Additionally, the agent’s wife, a high-profile attorney at another federal agency, apparently was a member of several pro-Obama and pro-Clinton Facebook groups and is a follower of a Facebook page called “We Voted for Hillary.”

One can only imagine the fun that an aggressive defense attorney would have shredding Strzok’s credibility by grilling him to see if he shared his wife’s posted political views. [emphasis in original]

To anyone with the slightest objectivity and common sense, this whole investigation into “Trump/Russian collusion” has been a joke, from the start. During the process however it has become increasingly clear that both the FBI and the Obama administration worked together to try to undermine the election, to spy on Obama’s political opponents for purely political purposes.

This fact, more than anything else, is probably going to kill this witch hunt. The risks to the corrupt Washington establishment that has been trying to bring Trump down has now grown too great.

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  • Phill O

    BZ, I hear what you are saying and it makes infinite sense (to a logical mind). My opinion of the Mueller thing is so tainted that I do not believe they will ever through in the towel, if anything, they will double down.

    The dems have shown themselves to be so biased and racist etc, I can believe they think they have their base brainwashed to the point of cultism.

    It may be true that no charges will ever come, but the investigation will go on and on and on, and the general media will keep playing this to undermine the Trump admin; to the point of weakening the USA and alienating allies.

  • Phill O: Reading your comment brings to mind the saying “Shooting yourself in the foot.” Elections have consequences, and since 2010 the Democrats have been doing exactly as you say, doubling down, with the consequence being that they keep losing more and more elections.

  • Cotour

    “To anyone with the slightest objectivity and common sense, this whole investigation into “Trump/Russian collusion” has been a joke, from the start. ”

    This very logical and reasonable statement is not “seeable” to a large segment of the population, it is just not graspable to them, they will have to be dragged to it kicking and screaming in a existential political head lock.

    Its coming, its going to be big and its going to be deep and it is going to be cleansing. I will go out on a limb and pick a date of around January 15th or so for when it gets set off.

  • m d mill

    Also, the “wide open” warrants used for their fishing expeditions are simply unconstitutional.

  • Steve Earle

    Not to mention that the initial investigation (and subsequent wiretapping…) was all based on the phony “Dossier” from Fusion GPS that has since been thoroughly debunked. So the whole mess was based on a lie to begin with.

  • Localfluff

    Elections are dangerous because “foreign powers” decide them with their “information”. Thus there will be no more elections, for security reasons. The current and eternal government will return with further notices on your need-to-know-basis. Over and out.

  • wayne

    “We will find a way, or we will make one.”

    good stuff.
    I’ll repeat it– they (the Obama administration) used the phony dossier as basis for a FISA court application for surveillance on Trump and his entourage. We know the 1st FISA application (pre-dossier) was denied, and they went back again and got one the 2nd time.
    (You’re in law-enforcement, what would happen if you told a bunch of lies to a Judge, just to get a search-warrant on someone?)

  • Steve Earle

    Wayne, I know what would happen because it has happened to at least one of my co-workers a few years ago. First there is an investigation (Internal Affairs in our case), then there are Suspensions followed by Termination possibly followed by criminal charges depending on the severity of the crime….

    Of course we are but lowly Police Officers, the rules are different for the Hackarama…. A few years ago the Lt Gov of our State was caught speeding (over 100mph) in his underwear at oh-dark-thirty hours, and in one of our unmarked cruisers to boot! No investigation, no charges filed, he was just allowed to quietly leave for a nice job in the private sector…. LOL!

    As I’ve said repeatedly: Someone needs to GO TO JAIL. No one that I know of has even been fired never mind brought up on charges over any of the crap that’s happened. Between the “Dodgy Dossier” and the Unmaskings, there should be several dozen people waiting for their cell assignments….

  • Cotour

    Its coming.

    IT, will be big, and IT, will be deep.

  • Cotour

    This is what will probably set it off.

    And then it will roll unstoppable down hill over Hillary, over Bill, over Comey, over Lynch, over the Podesta brothers and the so many others in both party’s that will be caught up in the biggest long term and on going political corruption conspiracy that has ever existed in our country. An independent rouge government within a government. There will be indictments, there will be plea deals, there will be Federally sponsored vacation time, and there will be pardons so as not to threaten the foundation of the country and the stability of the world.

    But it is coming.

    And if does not in due time come then we are doomed because we are no better than the worst of the worst in history and we as a people who will have surrendered our resolve and Constitutional responsibility will deserve it.

  • Max

    Wheels within wheels, plans within plans. Nothing is going to happen, more of the same that we’ve had for the past year. And I’m not being cynical. If an enemy coming at you trips and falls do you destroy their weapon? Or do you pick it up and use it against them?

    Obama and Hillary’s attack dogs have been unleashed against Trump. But they could not get a bite, and now Trump holds the leash to their choker chains with the obvious threat that he could end their careers and freedom, or they can play along with the new master…

    From the thread in the article above;

    The “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine is an offspring of the Exclusionary Rule. The exclusionary rule mandates that evidence obtained from an illegal arrest, unreasonable search, or coercive interrogation must be excluded from trial.

    “The order to tap was issued because of the phony evidence in the dossier commissioned by the DNC and Clinton.”

    Mueller’s special counsel itself was created based on this phony, corrupt investigation by Rosenstein. The prosecution team are themselves illegitimate fruit of the poison tree.

    This is 1000 times worse than Watergate, but what do they do? Do they turn it into a three ring circus like the one that brought down Nixon? (And should have brought down lying Clinton with the stained blue dress) Or will they use it for political advantage that Trump seems to be a master of. It’s all about the brand! The Trump brand is “to make America Great again”. This will not be accomplished by tearing down the very framework that America is built upon, this will need delicate touches to build America up, while draining the swamp. To make sure all of the guilty and corrupt individuals are wearing their choke collars or no longer near Washington DC. They can be useful with proper motivation.…
    If this trickle out occurs slow enough until the next election, it will not only elect politicians with conservative moral values, it will tear at the liberal media day after day tweet after tweet untell they have no credibility at all.
    Keep in mind, we know who the guilty parties are, we need to follow the dollar to find the puppet masters or we will just be going through this again in a few more years.

    Phill O,
    You are right, it is a cult and they will double down. Human nature is what it is, they do not have a choice. Hang together or hang separately.

    Zimmerman is correct in the results of this action, they will continue to lose elections, credibility, and ultimately their power as the money runs out. Modern politicians just talk, talk, talk. If they talk long enough to run out the clock, then it becomes someone else’s problem.
    The new boy in town built his empire by doing, not talking about it. Doing gets results, and the results speak for themselves… Just look at the stock market. For the first time, this generation has hope. Trump is having fun!

  • Laurie

    “The risks to the corrupt Washington establishment that has been trying to bring Trump down has now grown too great.”

    Maybe. Or maybe:

    “I am in blood
    Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more,
    Returning were as tedious as go o’er.”

  • wayne

    Is that Shakespeare, or the Bible??

    Patrick Stewart
    “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow”

    It’s always a darn Mole hunt. Obama ordered political surveillance on Trump, and his minions lied to the FISA Court to obtain the warrants. You or I? –we’d already be in prison.
    Whole lot of people need to be in prison, and not some country-club Federal prison.

    “wheels within wheels, plans within plans”
    Good stuff.
    Nothing is going to happen to any of these people. They will continue to do, what they always do, until such time as they are stopped.

  • wayne

    Levin TV Episode 371 December 4, 2017
    “Mueller’s ‘Silent Coup’ Not So Silent Anymore!”–muellers-silent-coup-not-so-silent-anymore

  • Cotour

    This quote by the Roy Moore accuser probably explains best what politics is actually about and why what is coming down the road must happen.

    She asks: “Is the party more important?” She refers to the party being more important than Moore allegedly assaulting / groping her.

    The answer to that question is, YES, in politics you must win, winning is everything, without it you can not have power and without power you are neutralized and can not install and promote your agenda. So in politics when presented with a choice like the Moore for Senate where his morality might be questionable if you are a republican you vote for him because loosing the power out weighs the possible moral failings.

    Add to this example of what politics boils down to we then look at the deep blatant corruption within the upper levels of the FBI who essentially attempted to choose and empower a presidential candidate of its preference and we all understand just how deep and corrupt things have gotten. And so it must be taken apart and fixed.

    Its coming.

  • Cotour

    A little more rational behind my “ITS COMING” statement.

    Rep. Jim Jordan questioning new FBI director Christopher Wray. The momentum in the political atmosphere is being now driven by these kinds of questions and revelations about the plain to see partisan corruption within the highest levels of the FBI.

  • Laurie




  • Garry

    About Moore, here’s what I hope happens:

    -Moore gets elected
    -The Senate refuses to seat him
    -The Alabama Governor appoints an interim Senator to take his place
    -His permanent replacement is elected in 2018, giving the Republicans time to find somebody solid.

    I don’t know if the law stipulates that the Alabama Governor would appoint an interim office holder, but that would be consistent with other scenarios (if we had real journalists, perhaps someone would be talking about this scenario).

    I hope (optimistically) that this explains Trump’s recent support for Moore. With this strategy if you divulge why you’re supporting Moore, the whole thing potentially falls apart.

    I don’t know if Moore is guilty of any crime, but a 30-year old chasing high school girls, reportedly as young as 14, is pretty creepy and even in the most naive scenario shows very poor judgment.

    Regardless, to me this is a sideshow; Moore is unqualified for office for a completely different reason.

    While serving as a judge, he twice disobeyed orders of higher courts, and in one case ordered his subordinates to do the same. I happen to agree with his opinion that he should be able to have a monument to the 10 commandments in his court, as well as his opinion that same-sex marriage should not be allowed, but the bottom line is he disobeyed higher courts on both these issues.

    These actions fly in the face of the first principle that we are a nation of laws and not a nation of men.

  • wayne

    W.C. Fields
    “You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man” clip

  • Cotour

    Some more indicators that “Its Coming”.

    Jason Chafettz:

    Chafettz is a Conservative Congressional pit bull and has signed on with Fox for the big $$$ and will be the go to commentator when what he clearly understands is coming goes down. Fox knows it and Chafettz know’s it, the writing is on the wall.

    When? Certainly after Christmas 2017, and certainly before Christmas 2018, I say it really gets going on about Jan. 15th as I have estimated before.

    Its Coming.

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