Multiple U.S. science agencies have been accused of fudging data to fake the existence of global warming.

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Someone else has noticed: Multiple U.S. science agencies have been accused of fudging data to fake the existence of global warming.

The “adjustment” schemes in the official U.S. dataset are so drastic, according to Goddard’s analysis, that they managed to “turn a 90 year cooling trend into a warming trend,” he said, suggesting that there may be a “software bug” at work. “Bottom line is that the [NOAA National Climatic Data Center] U.S. temperature record is completely broken, and meaningless,” Goddard concluded. “Adjustments that used to go flat after 1990 now go up exponentially. Adjustments which are documented as positive are implemented as negative.”

Respected climatologist and NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer actually showed evidence of what Goddard described as early as April of 2012, saying that “virtually all of the USHCN warming since 1973 appears to be the result of adjustments NOAA has made to the data.” Commenting on the latest findings, Dr. Spencer said that his own examination of the data and corrections to account for urban heat island (UHI) effects “support Steve’s contention that there’s something funny going on in the USHCN data.” He also called the NOAA methodology for adjusting the data “opaque” and said he believes it is prone to serious errors.

This article is essentially covering what I have already noted, that much of the data coming from NASA and NOAA has been seriously compromised, with past temperatures adjusted downward without any clear justification in order to make it appear as if the climate has warmed in recent decades.

I will be talking about this very issue tonight on Coast to Coast.



  • wodun

    AGW alarmists are not doing themelves any favors. Stuff like this wont go on forever but the longer it does, the bigger the backlash will be.

  • Jwing

    Where’s the accountability? Where’s the congressional investigation or an IG appointed one? Why aren’t people being fired?!

  • A different question that should be asked: Why is this revelation not a gigantic news story, covered by all the news outlets?

    We both know the answer, but nonetheless consider what has happened. For more than a quarter century the climate science community has drummed into us that the climate is warming. We have now discovered that this warming trend has been produced by outright fraud.

    In a normal world this story would be red meat for every major news organization in the world. Unfortunately, we are not in a normal world.

  • In 1914 the Milankovitch “Astronomical Theory of Ice Ages” was published and recently Dr Nicola Scafetta, using improved data and computing, was able to validate and amplify this solar harmonics climate forcing theory. He was then notified of ‘termination of publication’ for violating IPCC science. That event reported in “Scientists React Sharply to Copernicus Censorship” at the NoTricksZone website, with link to 45 page interesting solar system/climate study.

    In Nov 2010 the science text “Slaying the Sky Dragon” was published and immediately co-author Dr Claes Johnson PhD Applied Mathematics was censored by the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm for publishing formulas that violated IPCC science. These formulas had been used by engineers for a century to solve Thermodynamics problems. That event reported in “Carbon Warfare Rules of Engagement” in archive at Canada Free Press.

    In scientists are not allowed to discuss proven mathematical formulas and proven astronomical alignments, then you no longer have science….YOU HAVE IPCC OCCULTISM.

    For the correct Earth science see the Publications tab at Principia Scientific International. Find and share Truth….it is your duty as an Earthling.

  • Joe Griffin

    Sure was refreshing to hear some good non paranoia stuff for a change. great information on the show this morning. Just became a Fan..

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