Musk renames BFR

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He must be reading BtB! Elon Musk today revealed new names for the two stages of his Big Falcon Rocket rocket, Super Heavy for the reusable first stage and Starship for the reusable orbiting second stage.

These are much more inspiring and saleable names. They also do not preclude SpaceX from giving each individual Super Heavy and Starship their own names as well, since these names apply to the class of rocket, not the ships themselves.



  • Jay

    With the capacity of the vessel, I am surprised he did not call it “Conestoga” after the wagons that were used to settle the West.

  • wodun

    Hopefully they rename them again cause the new names are lame and lack imagination and originality. A paradigm shattering launch vehicle should at least have its own name rather than appropriating a common term.

  • wodun: As I said in the post, these names refer to the class of vehicle only. I suspect strongly that Musk will give names to each vehicle itself that provide even more spark.

  • Andrew_W

    I agree with wodun, lame and lacking originality. “Starship” sounds like the name on a cheap Chinese kids toy.

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