Muslim policemen shouting “Allahu akbar” open fire on Jews praying at Joseph’s Tomb

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Muslim policemen shouting “Allahu akbar” open fire on Jews praying at Joseph’s Tomb, killing 2 and injuring five.

And yet, it is Terry Jones who is criticized and imprisoned for wanting to stand in front of a mosque in the U.S. with a protest sign.

The world, and justice, is upside down.


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  • larry

    wow what twisted logic here. you are comparing Terry Jones – one christian extremist with other religion extremist. And justifying what? Both are derange.

    Get a friggin grip Robert and grow up a bit. You are on a planet with several billion humans with a number of belief system for coping & dealing with existence.

    I work a # of folks with different belief – and none condone this crap. Yet you only focus on islam extremist. Hmmm from a history point of view – christians have equal blood their hands. How about looking at the priest at the Catholic church and their abuse of children, do we need a score card? I’m sure your religion is pure and virtuosity – since you insist on comparing. Let’s bring in all the facts to give perspective – not the selected data you only want to see.

    Hey if want your socks twisted, from my point of view where’s your math for the soul? No math – no soul. Deal with it. And I know all to well what extrimist think of my perspective

    So from my view and freedom of speech – these folks are in serious need of therapy!

    Your space stuff is ok – but this stuff is just rant and doesn’t help.

    Btw – I’m always offended by folks who justify their emotional underpinnings of realty by being hypocrites – this is good for you. Don’t feel special.

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