Muslim students refuse to honor murdered victims of terrorism

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The religion of peace marches on: French Muslim students refuse to stand in honor of those killed by the recent terrorist attacks. They also attacked those Muslims who did stand.



  • geoffc

    But remember… They say terrorism is wrong. Murdering innocents are wrong.

    It just turns out we define ‘innocent’ and ‘terrorism’ differently.

    Sure free speech “But…”.

    I do not think that word means what you think it means! (Thank you Mandy Patikin!)

  • Cotour

    Another demonstrative, fundamental example of why the two cultures can not be blended as is being promoted by many. As soon as one group gets to say where the line of free speech is drawn everyone else lives under their rules. That is Islam, offend them not, under penalty of death.

    Drawing the line is not free speech as defined by the American Constitution that we live under and make no mistake their are many in power like B. Obama and H. Clinton who are attempting to redefine the definition of free speech at the cost of our (Americans) definition of what free speech is.

  • Edward

    From the article: “Anti-Semitism, often expressed by anti-Zionism, is so deep and widespread that some Muslim leaders refused to attend Sunday’s solidarity rally because Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman attended.”

    It looks like those Muslim leaders so not have as much solidarity as they want people to believe, otherwise they would have overcome their emotion in order to show their solidarity. Instead, it is their bigotry that is showing.

    These Muslim leaders are part of the problem, not the solution. We cannot count upon their assistance in bringing peace between religions or civilizations.

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