Mysterious SpaceX launch scheduled for November 10

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Capitalism in space: SpaceX has a launch scheduled for November 10 in which nothing is known about its payload.

The mystery payload is intriguing, but the article revealed something more significant: This launch, set for November 10, will take place on launchpad 39-A, which means that the first Falcon Heavy launch cannot occur until January 10, at the earliest. According to SpaceX, they will need sixty days to reconfigure that launchpad to the Falcon Heavy after they switch launches back to launchpad 40. That reconfiguration thus cannot begin until after the November 10 launch.



  • pzatchok

    Could it be another X-37 launch?

  • wodun

    The code name is intriguing.

    It would be cool to have both X-37’s up.

    Because this delays the FH launch into next year, this must be a really important launch. This leads me to think it is a government launch.

    SpaceX already smashed their record for yearly launches and isn’t really hurting for revenue. But maybe a commercial launch could push out the FH if there is a lot of schedule pressure next year. Tough to say, very mysterious!

  • trent castanaveras

    According to the gap to prime 39A for FH and Crew Dragon flights has been pared down to fewer than 45 days. They have been performing what tasks they can in between launches and during the range shutdown earlier this year. It could still very well slip to 2018, but perhaps not.

  • trent castanaveras: Interesting. Assuming the mystery launch occurs on November 10th, there will be 51 days left to 2017. That is cutting it very close, especially with the Christmas holidays looming.

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