Name an exoplanet!

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The International Astronomical Union (IAU), faced with challenges to its authority in naming astronomical objects, is instituting a contest allowing the public to name the 305 most studied exoplanets.



  • ken anthony

    Are they going to take their ball and go home if this doesn’t work?

  • IAU = Irrelevant Astronomical Union

  • Only if they don’t get to name it.

  • Dick Eagleson

    I seem to recall some years ago the IAU overuled the actual discoverer of the first large trans-Plutonian Kuiper Belt object which he had named Xena, after the warrior princess character on TV. The IAU apparently found this to be too undignified or something and gave it another name, which I don’t remember for sure at the moment – Sedna, maybe? Anyway, that little incident suggested that naming astronomical objects had just become way too important to be left to the tight-assed twits at IAU. Fight the power, people!

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