NASA buys Soyuz seats from Boeing

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NASA has purchased two additional seats from Boeing on a Russian Soyuz capsule and rocket to get astronauts to ISS beyond 2019.

The reason Boeing was able to sell Russian Soyuz seats is because they have obtained them from the Russians in a deal to settle Boeing’s $320 million lawsuit over ending the Russian/Boeing Sea Launch partnership.



  • wayne

    I was wondering when/if Boeing was going to convert that lawsuit settlement, into actual cash, and who they were going to shift their risk onto.
    Smart triangulation by Boeing, but sorta smacks of socializing the risk & concentrating the benefits.

    (LocalFluff–We need a better discount on this deal, Trump needs to make a call!)

  • Diane Wilson

    Smart of Boeing to sell those seats before another Soyuz launch failure, which could very well take out a crewed flight. The value of those seats is only going to go down.

  • C Cecil

    Ticket Scalping ? A lot of folks make big $ at it.

  • Edward

    It looks like Boeing could make a 16.7% profit off the deal, which could make up for the lost interest (or opportunity costs) on the original Russian debt or make up for the risk that NASA does not buy the final three seats, but probably not make up for both.

    I think that Boeing is making the best of a bad situation, after the fiasco of Sea Launch.

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