NASA & Roscosmos heads to meet

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After their teleconference to discuss the status of Russia’s investigation into the airleak on ISS, the heads of NASA and Roscosmos agreed to their first face-to-face meeting on October 10 at the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan.

Part of the reason for the teleconference and this announcement to try to stem the wild rumors about the leak, including the accusation that it was done by an American astronaut.

I also expect them to discuss how they can jointly lobby the American Congress to fund the Gateway boondoggle, formerly (F)LOP-G.



  • Jason Hillyer

    Do you think Russia will use NASA’s seemingly never ending flow money as a lifeboat and hitch a ride along with LOP-G?

  • Jason Hillyer: Russia has been hand-in-glove with the NASA bureaucracy and the big space contractors Boeing and Lockheed Martin from the start on FLOP-G. They are teamed up to sell the project, especially because Russia hopes they can get American funds through it.

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