NASA to announce its commercial crew decision today.

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NASA to announce its commercial crew decision today at 4 pm (Eastern).

The rumors say that Boeing will win it all, which I think will be a financial, technical, and public relations disaster for NASA.



  • David M. Cook

    I can’t imagine NASA being THAT stupid! (OK, I can! But still…) I would like to see them select at least two of the three for more funding, but to only select Boeing would actually seal NASA’s fate as another unnecessary government program.
    After Mr. Musk builds out his launch services company NASA will be about as important to real space operations as the Department of Agriculture is to running freight on the interstate highways.

  • Steve C

    Of course they will pick Boeing. Too many lobbyists and Congress Critters on Boeing’s side. Boeing will consume a lot of money and never produce anything. They make their money on the development so actually finishing the product ends the gravy train. I think Space X will complete their development, if the Government does not use the bureaucracy to shut them down so they don’t look stupid for choosing Boeing. Sierra Nevada is more of a question mark, since they haven’t flown and are using government rockets.

  • Kelly Starks

    Boeing is the no brainer. Even the folks here weer figuring they rae so much farther ahead, while pushing themselves to significantly higher quality and safty levels, NASA would be a idiot not to choose them. They are the low-risk/shortest schedule/highest quality option..

    Still hoping Dream Chaser gets a #2 win (having 3 capsules in work at the same time to ferry folks to the ISS seems dumb) if there is a #2.

    See at 4est.

  • “Boeing is the no brainer.”

    Well, Kelly, it now looks like NASA has half a brain. The no-brainer half picked Boeing, and the other half picked SpaceX.

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