NASA to ask future lunar explorers to avoid Apollo landing sites

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And they think this is going to work? NASA to ask future lunar explorers to avoid Apollo landing sites in order to protect them from damage or looting.


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  • Kelly Starks

    They are goibg to ask?!!

    Oh yeah and if someone takes them the state department will have someone frown in a most assertive manor.


  • i dont wish to open the “can of worms” but it seems as if NASA once had a grip on Space topics yet they are quickly loosing their touch.

  • I think that future lunar explorers might well respect the original Apollo sites. I’m sure I’m not the first to think that Apollo site tourism might well be profitable. Land a robot on the Moon, program it so that it won’t go within some set distance of the center of each site or cross the tracks of the lunar rover, and charge people for ‘stick time’ to take a teleoperated tour of the sites. This might have to wait until the Moon gets its own constellation of GPS satellites, but being so much smaller than Earth, it wouldn’t need as many.

  • Joe2

    Yes, this is the risk “as dozens of private teams, spurred on by $30 million in prize money from Google and the X Prize Foundation, race to return to the moon as early as next year”.

    Might want to ask out Russian, Chinese and Indian friends to leave our stuff alone; since we will not be there to look out for it. Pathetic.

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