NASA to decide on 2nd cargo contracts Nov 5

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The competition heats up: NASA will announce the two contract winners for its second round of ISS cargo contracts on November 5.

If it was up to me to pick the two winners from the four companies bidding, SpaceX, Boeing, Orbital ATK, and Sierra Nevada, I would go with Orbital ATK and Sierra Nevada. SpaceX and Boeing already have contracts to ferry crews to ISS with their Dragon and Starliner capsules. By picking Orbital ATK’s Cygnus capsule and Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser reusable mini-shuttle, NASA would then have four different ways to get payloads to ISS.

Sadly, the decision is not up to me. It is more likely NASA will pick SpaceX and Boeing. Boeing especially is likely to get picked because they are an established big player with lots of capital and influence.



  • Cotour

    Unrelated but engineering related:

    Are these people literally nuts?

    To build such a complex high speed rail system in the kind of geology that is California. From 36 miles of tunnels to many bridges being built in what is without doubt the location of major seismic activity. I scratcheth my head, is this an example of human beings intellectualizing their capabilities a bit too much or just an excuse to spend other peoples money in order to save an economy at any cost? Comments?

  • SpaceBoi

    Charles Lurio is reporting on twitter a rumor that Boeing was eliminated from CRS-2 — no word on the other 3.

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