Nature ignores the elephant in the room

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In an article on the possibility that a section on the edge of the Antarctica icecap might be melting, the journal Nature illustrated some of the political agenda-driven science that corrupts climate science and the journalism that covers the field by never noting that the icecap is presently setting size records.

Read the article at the link. Though they never mention global warming, they hint at it repeatedly by noting the arrival of new warm ocean currents. More importantly, they fail to place the whole issue in context by never noting the record-setting growth of the icecap in recent years. For a section of the icecap fringe to suddenly accelerate its “surge to the sea five years ago” during a period when the icecap has been expanding in an unprecedented manner is hardly surprising, and is hardly an indication of global warming. Instead, it suggests the icecap is behaving exactly as one would expect, shedding excess ice as it expands.

By not mentioning the icecap’s recent growth the article allows an uneducated reader to come the incorrect conclusion: that only global warming could cause this melting. It also avoids revealing the complexity and uncertainties that surround this climate research.



  • Jwing

    News Flash: Officials are reporting today that a consensus of expert government scientists believe all deciduous trees will suffer from a total defoliation of northern hemisphere trees (and shrubbery) as early as November of this year and that said consensus believes it is due to a hemi-global climate change related to increases of carbon dioxide, whose current atmospheric gas concentration averaged to the nearest tenth is exactly 0.0%.

  • Max

    Ha ha… What?
    If I understand you correctly, the experts have come to a consensus that Fall will be in November, leaves will fall from the trees, and this in turn will allow the leaves to rot on the ground recycling their methane and carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere from where they got the carbon in the first place?
    Carbon dioxide is 400 ppm, that’s less than one half of one 10th of 1% of the atmosphere. When averaged to the nearest 10th, it is closer to zero.

    As for the melting of the polar ice cap, if it wasn’t for that darn wind that came up and froze the scientists in that ice flow last summer we would have been overwhelmed with the proof for the melting of the polar ice cap, and been swamped with all the evidence we could handle. Did it not take 2 icebreakers to get them free from the ice before they all died? All the reporters had nothing to report on except the never ending sunlight blaring down on them day after day, month after month, and yet they were freezing to death.

  • Cotour

    A short video about how and why the climate actually changes, in this case in the Sahara desert, and not “climate change” the political agenda.

  • That isn’t a link, that’s someone’s email address. Do you want me to delete it?

  • D.K. Williams

    Meanwhile, late May snow in Maine.

  • Cotour

    Yes, my mistake, thank you.

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