Neil deGrasse Tyson under attack for fabricating quotes

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A series of recent articles have attacked Neil deGrasse Tyson for fabricating quotes and other facts in this lectures and presentations. This article provides a good summary.

The article also notes how Tyson’s behavior is quite typical for too many modern scientists, especially those who have been touting human-caused global warming these past two decades.

In related news, climate scientist Judith Curry gave a talk at the National Press Club this week in which she outlined very cogently the real scientific debate and how politics is distorting that process. Unlike Tyson, Curry does not mince words about the data, and considers the fabrication of information to be a terrible thing for scientists to do.

And then there’s this: The Lonesomest Mann in Town.



  • Cotour

    Once you have chosen a side, for what ever reason, then you become a zealot for your cause and you have surrendered some degree of your objectivity. At that point you may dilute your “scientific” credentials because now you are a part of a cause and a movement, you are smart and good, and they can not be right so they are not smart and are not good. And now that you have established that “FACT” you can pander to the emotions of the public so they get on board, you have done the thinking and concluding for them. Now let the mocking and name calling commence, their is consensus, the science is settled.

    Would Neil DeGrass Tyson ever participate in a board such as this and put his conclusions to the test and defend his position?

  • Kelly Starks

    This is something that always bothered me about NdT. To into his showmanship – and by Cosmos, advocacy. Not enough self questioning, or mentioning about possible questions, or contrary ideas or evidence.

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