New airport security checks causing protests

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And people wonder why I now drive from Maryland to Chicago: It appears that no one is happy with new TSA airport security checks, requiring either a full body scan or a full body pat down. Protests are coming from pilots, flight attendants, passengers, and the airlines. Key quote from the “passenger” link above:

The aggressively enhanced TSA pat down involves over-the-clothes searches of passengers’ breast and genital areas. You can opt not to go through the backscatter body scanners, and thereby keep your genitalia private from pictures, but then a TSA screener will use a front-of-the-hand, slide-down body screening that Ars Technica called “nut-busting pat-downs.”

And there’s National Opt-Out Day, November 24, 2010. (I wish I could participate, but as I said, I will be driving to Chicago for Thanksgiving, mostly to avoid the police-state of the TSA.)



  • Jason

    I fought for my country. I fought terrorists. I come home and see these new TSa procedures and have to ask- when did the terrorists win? After deep reflection, I cannot call TSA terrorists- that would insult every terrorist who took the time to decide to be inhuman and oppress people behind the barrel of a gun and years of hate they learned to master. TSA is not making us safer, they are cowering to the terrorists. How about this- everyone must board a plan must be armed. I would rather have this law- and fly on a plane of arabs where the odds are alot less one would be a terrorist than getting groped by in impudent indignant cowardly nazi at the airport.

    Lawsuits against individual TSA agents can now be filed, and against their spouses for supporting them in violating your civil rights in several States. TSA officers and most citizens are unaware of this. Suing the TSA may be useless, but suing the individual and their spouse is a form of legal redress which their employer canno shielfd them from. I suggest anyone who feels offended should contact a lawyer immediately, and the key is to name the offical officers, not the agency- this is the same law that allows one to sue a police officer who exceeded his authority.

    How can a 22 yr old donut poster boy officer lecture a veteran on terrorist when he never even seen one, or served in the military. I am insulted I have to even hear these macho cowards. For ex military personel, I recommend you wear your medals ontop of your civilian clothes to the airport so these jack boot nazis know what a real American looks like.

    And to the Greatest Generation who stormed Normandy, and Landed on Gudacanal and are too old today to stand and need wheelchairs, I apologize for the dehumanizing that you have had to endure in the airport from these thugs- You deserve better, you sacraficed so much for all future generations and the powers that be have thrown it away like pearls infront of Swine. I will stand up for you- and for the TSA agents future grandchildren, as S/he is too cowardly to do so today.

    I ask everyone to reflect on this vilationof privacy and ask yourself- “If this is happening today what will my grandchildren have to endure?” and make a stand for freedom-

  • Wanna strike back at the TSA? Here’s how ya do it:

    1. Print up leaflets with your argument against their practices.
    2. Go stand at the TSA line and hand them out.
    3. Eventually you will get told to stop, have your name taken, and be escorted from the airport.
    4. Try to fly, you will discover you have been put on the no-fly-list.
    5. Sue.

    Hopefully you will be more successful than John Gilmore, who tried to sue over being required to show ID to fly.

    If you’re not willing to do this, just keep complaining on the Internet, that’ll be effective.

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