New emails reveal Lois Lerner’s hatred of conservatives

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Working for the Democratic Party: In newly revealed emails, Lois Lerner refers to Obama’s conservative opponents as “–holes” and “terRorists”.

In that Nov. 9, 2012 email, Lerner further suggests that conservatives will ruin the country: “So we don’t need to worry about alien teRrorists (sic). It’s our own crazies that will take us down,” she wrote.

The evidence also shows that Lerner used her private email account to conduct official IRS business, while also clearly favoring liberal organizations.

I wonder what we would find if those lost emails could turn up?



  • Cotour

    Any way you look at it this woman must be disciplined and made an example of. It is wholly unacceptable for a federal employee / career bureaucrat to so blatantly use the power of their position to express her own personal and subjective political beliefs in such a way.

    It is incumbent upon the Congress to follow this through to its proper conclusion, no matter the potential back lash because she is a woman. When a person, gender aside, so willingly and so vociferously uses their position and power for such activities, and over and above that freely chooses to abandon their sworn fiduciary responsibility for such activities, this MUST be corrected!

    And I am sure that many of them do it and it may be the “culture”, but that does not make it acceptable when it is so overwhelmingly revealed. And it can not even be argued that she was ignorant of the law specific to these offences. Quite to the contrary, she is well aware of the illegalities and the conflict of interest.

    She thinks the right is sick? You can certainly successfully argue that point but the left is a different and special kind of sick. Sick and getting sicker! Time for some medicine!

  • joe

    With the power that these criminals wield, one should be fearful of what this bureaucracy is capable of if they decide to make your life miserable out of spite, and by the looks of things, these people are spiteful, this is the bureau that is going to be in control of healthcare? Be afraid. If these people worked for private industry, they would be in a prison, maybe.

  • DK Williams

    It is ironic that Lefty Lerner’s comments about deficits are in line with those of Tea Party groups, indicating that her loyalty is not to ideology, but to the Demoscat tribe.

  • Edward

    Living in a navy-blue state, I am surrounded by people whose values are mostly or entirely in line with the Tea Party. This is probably why so many people shift from being Democrats to being conservatives (e.g. Andrew Breitbart and Bill Whittle). For them, it is a short journey.

    BTW: they really hate it when you point out that the Tea Party has their same values, but so far, no one has figured out how to call me a racist for doing so.

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