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New enrollment at Evergreen drops 50%

Couldn’t happen to a nicer college: The enrollment in the freshman class at Evergreen State College is down 50% since to the college’s takeover by leftist thugs two years ago.

This fall, we expect less than 300 freshmen to attend Evergreen, a fifty percent drop from two years ago. It is the only four year institution in the state of Washington that has seen a decrease in applications, and is currently publicly funded for 4200 students, far greater than this year’s anticipated total attending class of 2800.

This decline at Evergreen is in contrast to an increase in enrollment at competing Washington state colleges. And expect things to become worse for Evergreen, since it has taken no actions to change its leftist indoctrination bent, as noted by one professor at the college:

Advocacy and activism rather than the pursuit of truth and knowledge is being promoted as a way of recruiting desperately needed new students (In 2011 Evergreen changed its official mission statement to read: “Evergreen supports and benefits from a local and global commitment to social justice”). Bringing in new faculty or guest speakers with conservative or centrist political perspectives is considered risky and out of the question at the moment. Fear and self-censorship is pervasive among Evergreen faculty, especially under the existing budget crisis. An “independent” External Review Panel exonerated the president and administrators while blaming Evergreen’s woes on Bret Weinstein and ‘alt-right’ agitators prompted one journalist to ask, “Who Will the Evergreen Mob Target Next?”

The best thing that could happen would be for this college, as well as many others, to shut down. They no longer teach, but act instead as leftist and Democratic Party propaganda machines.

Conscious Choice cover

From the press release: In this ground-breaking new history of early America, historian Robert Zimmerman not only exposes the lie behind The New York Times 1619 Project that falsely claims slavery is central to the history of the United States, he also provides profound lessons about the nature of human societies, lessons important for Americans today as well as for all future settlers on Mars and elsewhere in space.

Conscious Choice: The origins of slavery in America and why it matters today and for our future in outer space, is a riveting page-turning story that documents how slavery slowly became pervasive in the southern British colonies of North America, colonies founded by a people and culture that not only did not allow slavery but in every way were hostile to the practice.  
Conscious Choice does more however. In telling the tragic history of the Virginia colony and the rise of slavery there, Zimmerman lays out the proper path for creating healthy societies in places like the Moon and Mars.


“Zimmerman’s ground-breaking history provides every future generation the basic framework for establishing new societies on other worlds. We would be wise to heed what he says.” —Robert Zubrin, founder of founder of the Mars Society.


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  • F16 Guy

    A lot of past or future Evergreen students must be reading this blog !

  • DRE

    school designed for obstructors, bureaucrats and malcontents. not for people who want to do the hard work to really make things better

  • Jwing

    Turn them into trade schools and skilled manufacturing shops.
    Let’s build things again!??

  • Col Beausabre

    “This fall, we expect less than 300 freshmen to attend Evergreen, a fifty percent drop from two years ago. It is the only four year institution in the state of Washington that has seen a decrease in applications, and is currently publicly funded for 4200 students, far greater than this year’s anticipated total attending class of 2800.”

    OK, let’s do the math. Assume 300 students is half prior class size, which would be 600. 600 students/year time four years equals 2400 students (assuming no attrition). That ties nicely to this year’s 2800.

    Even before the precipitous drop in enrollment, ESC was running a going out of business operation not able to attract sufficient customers (students) to keep the place out of the red (2800 vs 4200)

    Which raises the question – Why are Washington taxpayers paying for 1400 students who DONT EXIST ?! That’s a FIFTY percent overpayment – and it’s going to get worse in future years. Because 300 students/year time four is 1200 ! That’s 350 percent overpayment.

    Worse yet, the taxpayers are on the hook for the bonds (normally thirty year notes) used to finance unneeded class rooms, laboratories, dorms, etc, etc, etc. Their kids will be paying dusty, unneeded facilities. (Upside maybe everyone living in the dorms will get a single room)

    The problem is that scandals this big are never reported the way they should be so very little will change. Vested interests (local politicians, businesses that make money off the school and students, faculty union) will make sure of that (students are the last concern of the American educational establishment)

    No heads will roll in management

    There won’t be a Reduction In Force among the professoriate

    In order to get “students” ESC will adopt the “warm body” theory by adopting “open admission” in the name of “social justice” and “diversity”. The result will be a student body unprepared to college level work, but whose student loans pay the bills before they either flunk or drop out. The academic reputation of ESC will go into the toilet resulting in serious students avoiding it as the degree will be worthless (how many businesses and/or graduate schools will recruit there?

    And the Left wonders why John Q Citizen is in a state of revolt against our self-appointed philosopher-kings (see Plato’s Republic)

    What should be done ?

    1. Clean out management and faculty and start with a clean slate

    2. Close it down and sell it to a group who will open their own school

    What will be done?

    Nothing (unless Washington voters take a sudden lurch to the right, which we can expect after the proverbial month of Sundays). They like stuff like this – that’s why they keep voting the way they do

  • Edward

    Col Beausabre wrote:

    In order to get “students” ESC will adopt the “warm body” theory by adopting “open admission” in the name of “social justice” and “diversity”.

    I doubt that this tactic would work, as desirable schools tend to have more applicants than available openings. Evergreen is already under attended, so they already are not turning away qualified applicants. The qualified students are choosing to go elsewhere. The danger for Evergreen is that it has become the overflow school of last resort for the 300 freshman who are going there — freshmen who could not get into their higher choice schools.

    Another danger is that these students will not get a good enough education for Evergreen’s previous reputation to hold up (this is also a danger to the students). Evergreen could quickly (if it hasn’t already) reach the tipping point in which it could never recover even if it cleans up its leftist Social Warrior act.

    Hopefully, other universities have learned from Evergreen’s horrific errors and will not follow in their footsteps.

    On the other hand, Barry Sanders’ “free colleges” could turn out to be worth less than the price the students pay to go to them.

  • wodun

    IIRC, Evergreen already had a decline in enrollment, so the 50% decline this year is on top of whatever it was last year. Only last year, the decline wasn’t just in the freshmen class but from all classes.

  • ” . . . and is currently publicly funded for 4200 students, far greater than this year’s anticipated total attending class of 2800.”

    ” . . . especially under the existing budget crisis.”

    Say what?

    @ Edward:

    I don’t know that Evergreen’s reputation was all that great to start with. When I lived in Seattle the joke was that Evergreen was the school everyone attended but no one graduated. I met a number of people in that category.

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