New EPA regulations will shut down 8 percent of U.S. power generation capability

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We’re here to help you! New EPA regulations threaten to shut down 8 percent of all U.S. power generation capability.

Nor should this be a surprise. During the campaign Obama admitted, but few reported, how he wanted to bankrupt any power plants that used coal to generate power.



  • I would call this a prediction, but the probability approaches unity:

    Power bills will go up. There will be a hue and cry across the land from ‘the poor’ and their advocates for politicians to ‘do something’. If the Community-Organizer-In-Chief is still in office, he’ll make speeches villifying power commpanies and their ‘excess profits’. There will be Congressional investigations. Poiticians at every level will propose programs to subsidize ‘the poor’s’ power bills, paid for with additional taxes on everyone else’s bills. And our standard of living slips again.

  • here is my prediction : Americans start using more and more natural gas that we get from our own land for power generation and transportation , the market grows , we start exporting LNG to Asia and pay down our debt through the next big set of boom years!

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