New evidence of child-smuggling in ancient Mayan human sacrifices

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Isotope testing of the teeth of the skeletons of children found in a cave in Belize has found that none had come from that region, suggesting that the children were kidnapped from other neighboring communities before they were sacrificed to the Mayan gods.

Though the data is still being crunched (the full report will be published when Lorenz presents her thesis later this year), initial analysis indicates that the children whose bones littered the Midnight Terror Cave did not come from the surrounding Upper Roaring River Valley, where the cave is located, or even from Belize. In fact, the young victims appear to have been brought to this spot from as far as 200 miles away (an enormous distance in the 9th century), before being taken deep into the earth to have their beating hearts cut from their chests to appease any number of angry gods.

The article is fascinating not only for the profound archeological discoveries it documents but also for its detailed description of the science process itself. It also is brutally honest. Even though these results cast a poor light on ancient Indian culture, something that is very political incorrect in today’s world, the author minces no words, even if he does wring his hands a bit about these conclusions.



  • fred k

    makes a whole lot more sense than killing your own children.

  • pzatchok

    I have found no evidence the native Americans were any different than the Europeans.

    They had wars and took land.

    They farmed areas as much as they possibly could. They just didn’t have animals to help out, like oxen and horses.

    They took slaves and killed and murdered just like everyone else.
    Robbed and stole from each other, in some cases just for ‘honor’.

    In fact one Pacific Northwest tribe used to bury live prisoners, pounded to death by the posts, under the 4 corners of their long houses to bless them.

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