New evidence suggests that Al Frankel (D-Minnesota) won his senate seat almost certainly due to voter fraud.

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New evidence suggests that Al Franken (D-Minnesota) won his senate seat almost certainly due to voter fraud.

That fraud included over a thousand illegal votes by felons, who I suppose are a major Democratic constituency. How dare Republicans attempt to suppress their vote? Anyone who would must be a raaacist!



  • JGL

    Im having an email conversation with a “highly educated” New England WASP who I personally like very much, a son of priviledge. His

    opinion is that everything negative written about Obama is racist, plain and simple.

    This is highly offensive to me.

    The only way to combat that mind set is to soundly beat them in the election, rest power from them and leave them to talk amongst

    themselves about what just happened.

    There will be no reasoning with a large percentage of these Americans.

    Winning is the only answer.

    A jackass like Al Franken may only be able to win through deciet, we must watch closely this November for fraud.

  • wodun

    IIRC, without Franken there would be no Obamacare.

    Also, this election took so long to be over, why wasn’t this problem caught during the recount?

    In WA during the 04 governor’s race we had a margin of victory less than the illegal votes cast and the Democrat won on the third recount because a box of uncounted ballots was found in the trunk of a poll worker’s car some time after the election was over.

  • JGL

    Its recommended that you have a box of ballots in the truck, just in case.

    Wasn’t that Richard Daily’s Sr.’s strategy, and he’s from, yes, Chicago.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    We all need to remember that to the Dems, this stuff is not cheating – they’re just assertng their natural RIGHT to acquire & keep power! Now, when GOPers try to stop Dems from cheating, that’s VOTE FRAUD ! !See, if we try to keep Felons, illegals & dead folks from voting, those are racist policies that disenfranchise (THEIR) voters – and as we all know so well, EVERY vote shoud count, right?? Including illegals, felons, hanging chads [which are themselves evidence of vote fraud – punching thru stacks of punch cards, leaving the chads hanging on the bottom of the stack], the dead, etc.

    But what about overseas military votes? THOSE should surely be protected at LEAST as much as any other group, right?? Uh – not so much! Note that the Obama Admin is at this very moment seekig to LIMIT overseas military voting by further restricting the dates those ballots can be received & accepted.

    Ya gotta hand it to ’em – they play the game with absolutely NO compunctions – you have to have a complete lack of conscience, a total absence of morals, to play the game their way. And I’m from the Chicago area & I know what I’m talking about – I’ve seen first-hand the kind of tricks the Democrat Machine has used here for as long as I can remember. Like waitng till all the downstate (which are mostly Republican) ballots are counted & then manufacturing just enough votes (even if it’s over 100% of the registered voters in the district!) in certain heavily Democrat precincts in order to put the Dem candidate over the top. Of course, the local news media were always so PUZZLED – why is it taking so LONG to count the ballots in some of these heavily Democrat wards?? “Must be due to heavy voter turnout”, or “They must be having trouble with some of the voting machines”, they’d speculate – what a JOKE…

    those should also receuve protectuin, right? S

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