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From the press release: In this ground-breaking new history of early America, historian Robert Zimmerman not only exposes the lie behind The New York Times 1619 Project that falsely claims slavery is central to the history of the United States, he also provides profound lessons about the nature of human societies, lessons important for Americans today as well as for all future settlers on Mars and elsewhere in space.

Conscious Choice: The origins of slavery in America and why it matters today and for our future in outer space, is a riveting page-turning story that documents how slavery slowly became pervasive in the southern British colonies of North America, colonies founded by a people and culture that not only did not allow slavery but in every way were hostile to the practice.  
Conscious Choice does more however. In telling the tragic history of the Virginia colony and the rise of slavery there, Zimmerman lays out the proper path for creating healthy societies in places like the Moon and Mars.


“Zimmerman’s ground-breaking history provides every future generation the basic framework for establishing new societies on other worlds. We would be wise to heed what he says.” —Robert Zubrin, founder of founder of the Mars Society.


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New FISA release confirms Obama and FBI illegally conspired to spy on Trump

Working for the Democratic Party: The release this weekend of the heavily redacted FISA application that apparently began the Russian collusion investigation at the FBI has confirmed that the warrant was obtained under false pretenses, and that Obama and FBI illegally used it to justify spying on Trump and the campaign of their political opponent.

Several takeaways noted in the article:

  • Peter Strzok is a liar, though this is hardly news
  • The FISA warrant hung entirely on the claim that Carter Page was working as a spy for the Russians, but two years later he has never been charged with any crimes, suggesting that his name was used merely as a tool to open the spying operation on Trump and the Republicans.
  • The FISA warrant was almost entirely dependent on the fake dossier that had been produced as opposition research by the Clinton campaign, paid for by Clinton campaign dollars, and was not verified then, and remains unverified now. In fact, it remains an absurd tissue of lies and falsifications that should never have been brought before a judge.

More here, including the fact that it appears the warrant application was far too dependent on news stories from partisan Democratic press outlets, information that is unverified and unacceptable to use as justification for a warrant to spy on any American, no less a presidential candidate, and by the opposing party as well.

Even more here, including showing that James Comey is also a blatant liar.

The first link above sums up as follows:

The FBI’s use of flimsy and uncorroborated evidence to support spying on Page, combined with the fact that a 3-month extension was granted despite the fact that it was obvious by June, 2017 he wasn’t a Russian agent, will most certainly embolden those, like President Trump, who have called the entire Russia investigation a “witch hunt.”

The second link also adds:

What I really want to know is the identity of the judge who signed off on the surveillance of Carter Page, based on such flimsy grounds. Some are speculating that he must be from Hawaii.

That judge should be removed from office.

Moreover, the entire FISA law should be repealed. It is unconstitutional, and designed to encourage the abuse of power by those in power. Not enough people are saying this, but it really is the fundamental takeaway from this whole scandal. Just because Obama abused the law does not mean Republicans won’t. It must be repealed.


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  • wayne

    “Spies Are Scum”
    Richard Burton In From The Cold…

  • Localfluff

    So that’s the dossier that senator McCain delivered to FBI boss Jim Comey?
    Did he have preemptive brain tumor surgery?

  • Cotour

    My prediction?

    Trump never sits down with Mueller.

    There is certainly an argument to be made that the Russians participated in certain activities focused on disrupting the 2016 presidential election, no doubt in my mind. That is one element of the Mueller investigation, but the Trump Russia “collusion” element is a set up plain as day. And Trump would be not in a good position if he were to bend to this manipulation that we all see before our eyes.

    And what will the Congress do when he refuses? Nothing. Why? Because they have all of the evidence in front of them that says that he is being railroaded. The current majority, anyway.

    So let Mueller reveal his Russia investigation for all to wonder at, this I suspect will all wind up around October 15th or so? But Mueller is a Republican! But Comey is a Republican! But McCabe is a republican! (Jail them all might be a proper result of the Mueller investigation? The entire thing is an inside game, incestuous cluster fornication event. All of these players are tainted and compromised!)

    Make no mistake about it this is and has been about Trump daring to run for president and then daring to becoming president and now we find ourselves in the run up to the 2018 midterm elections, and the existing corrupt internal parasite agencies that is our now rouge government does not like it.

    This is the election where the Democrat party is shattered into three and sent into the political desert for the next 10 to 20 years and Trump is further empowered. By, by Soros, Obama, Hillary, New World Order where the Chinese are salivating for its completion so that they can dominate the planet. Now we better understand Trumps desire to ally with the Russians. When the Chinese overlords attain their proper place in the New World order the Russians are then just gophers.

    Don’t bet against Trump.

  • Cotour

    And who is at the center of this entire government Cabal? As hard as it is to believe, how close we all came.

    I thought that this comment properly wraps her and her movement up (No pun intended).

    “Her ego is such that it’s just a matter of time before Hillary just takes a dump right on stage and expects applause.”

  • Rick

    Page worked for the FBI on a Russian sting prior to all this.

  • Phill O

    Ever notice how the anti-Trump rhetoric increases just before this type of revelation?

  • wodun

    This is the biggest scandal in American history and the media is/was an active participant.

    We can know for certain that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians because the Obama administration was spying on his campaign since he announced his candidacy and they were also spying on the Russians. Since the Obama administration was watching everything in real time, if there was collusion, Trump would have been arrested before the election and Mueller wouldn’t be “investigating” anything as the intelligence community already knows everything.

    The whole Mueller investigation is a farce and a coup attempt because he already knows everything. There isn’t anything more that can be learned than what Obama spying on Trump and Russia uncovered.

  • Cotour

    If Trump does pull these Obama era operators security clearance’s his approval numbers will go up 5 to 10 points IMO.

    Maybe its too little too late and the Left will lionize these IMO traitors, well intentioned and patriotic as they say they were, thats all a matter of subjective perspective. The cumulative shame and public spanking delivered to them IMO will be well accepted, everyone understands what they were up to and want this justice.

    The Pedestrian realm needs these simple and clear cut actions and they will wholeheartedly embrace it. Trump must take some scalps and hang them on the walls of the White House when and where he can. This is one of those opportunities, Do it.

  • Garry

    There’s very compelling evidence that James Wolfe, the recently indicted staffer of the Senate Intelligence Committee, leaked the FISA application to reported Ali Watkins, his young lover, immediately after it was received.

    During the Wolfe investigation, he was apparently given documents embedded with false details, so that his leaks could be traced. This is how they caught the 4 reporters they indicted along with him.

    If true, I wonder what false details are contained in this version of the FISA application (apparently this is one of several versions)

    I’m not 100% confident all this is correct, but it is compelling (and gives me hope that at least some justice will be served eventually)

  • Cotour


    Who reading this would like to know exactly what Barack Hussein Obama and his Secretary Of State John Kerry had to say to the Iranians when they agreed to release $150 BILLION DOLLARS to them and also agreed to deliver $1.2 BILLION DOLLARS in pallets of American tax payers CASH in the dark of the night to an Iranian air field? This is just one example of where I can reasonably consider what Obama did as NOT in the interests of America and the American people. Just one of many, why no concern?

    And in addition they did all of this without any signed documentation or anything shown to any Senator or anyone else for approval. This was an agreement that ensured that the Iranians would for sure have nuclear weapons capability in 10 years AND America would protect the Iranians for all of that time from attack from the Israelis. Just soak all of that in for a moment.

    And then we come to Trump meeting for two hours with Putin at Helsinki with just him, Putin and their interpreters. See a bit of a double standard here?

    Americans, every four years take the power that they hold and empower through an election a president. And overt and blatant things that they do to the detriment of the country aside, like what we all witnessed during the Obama administration which no one in the MSM or the intelligence world seemed to have had much of a problem with at the time are free to exercise that power as they see fit. Their main concerns? Political consequences and potential fallout and doing what in their estimation is in the interests of the American people, because that is who has empowered them and is who they will face in the future.

    So as we come to understand the true nature of how the Mueller special investigation came to exist, as an internal government agency cabal and political coupe against a candidate, that they as the ultimate arbiters of what should and should not be in America, why is there this obsession with what was said by someone empowered by the people to fully act in their interest?


  • Cotour

    If stripping the named Democrat and former Obama administration intelligence operatives and now MSM talking heads of their security clearance makes these Democrats and talking heads this upset, then it must definitely must be done. IMMEDIATELY!

    I have a general rule that also includes Democrat friends of mine, if it upsets them then it must be done, that is the golden indicator that we are then on the correct general path. They exist in the Bizzaro world where ICE, law and order and legal immigration is a great threat to the country.

    DO IT!

  • Cotour


    No, nothing at all about Trump colluding with Russia.

    Peter Strzok, the high level FBI operative who helped clear Hillary during her FBI “interview” about her clearly illegal email server and un protected to the tune of many thousands of emails server of government secrets to what ever foreign government that was looking for them (And they all were) and clearly communicated his active desire to derail the Trump presidency has been officially fired.

    How many does that add up to now? How many government employees in high positions of FBI and / or DOJ of trust in law enforcement have now been suspended or fired for their misconduct and the surrendering of their fiduciary responsibilities, most possibly to the level of criminality? Most all of the FBI leadership, from Comey on down and we will soon see it follow with those in the DOJ.

    And how much evidence has been piled up that clearly demonstrates the Trump / Russia collusion? Zero and counting. At what point does all of this become sooo over the top and obviously a political opposition operation that the people of America demand it all to be properly reconciled?


  • Cotour


    Preet Bharara, former N.Y. / U.S. Attorney who’s Obama / Loretta Lynch DOJ was involved in allowing the special visa parole for the Russian attorney who was previously banned from the U.S. her opportunity (Read: DOJ set up) to meet with D.J.Trump jr. in order to facilitate the FBI, DOJ, CIA “Russia collusion” justification to support the Cater Page / Steele Dossier / FISA warrant, gives a shout out to the “deep state”.

    Meeting with the Russian lawyer in Trump Tower was just another layer to add to the justification for the warrant and the Obama “deep state” spying on not their choice for president, D.J. Trump, private citizen and then duly elected president. No Constitutional guarantees for Trump or Page because they were of the incorrect political persuasion (R).

    “The Hill reported on Wednesday that it was the Obama Department of Justice that granted Veselnitskaya her temporary parole allowing her into the country to help a client on a court case in the New York federal court. The U.S. attorney’s office told Fox News that Veselnitskaya was indeed granted initial parole by their office, but did not know who, specifically, issued the “piece of paper.” ” (Too bad the DOJ does not see it important to keep those records to know who issued that particular piece of paper and why. DUH, I guess it is assumed we are all making wallets, pot holders and macaroni Christmas trees?)

    For all of those who say: “There is no such thing as the deep state”, and you know who you are, Mr. Bharara throws out a “well done deep state” explanation of what at least a component of it in reality is and what it does.

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