New Jersey school threatened with lawsuit for punishing students for visiting gun range

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A New Jersey high school is now threatened with a lawsuit from local gun clubs for punishing several students for daring to visit a gun range and do target practice, on their own time.

Two students at Lacey Township High-school, NJ were suspended for posting a picture of themselves shooting guns at a private gun range with the caption “fun day at the range“. The school’s zero tolerance policy says that students cannot be in possession of weapons at any time, whether on or off campus.

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs today demanded in a lawyer letter that the Lacey Township School District immediately rescind disciplinary actions taken against several students for posting social media photos of themselves near firearms at a target range.

The student handbook in that district provides that students are subject to suspension if they are “reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose WHETHER ON OR OFF SCHOOL GROUNDS during the academic year.”

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs attorney Dan Schmutter penned the lawyer letter, which also demands that the school district rescind its unconstitutional policy, clear the records of the students disciplined, and apologize to the students and their families.

Forget about the second amendment. A school has absolutely no authority to forbid any student from doing anything when they are not at the school. This is so over the top it is almost unbelievable. I hope the school fights, because they are going to lose big if they do.



  • Matt in AZ

    The phrase “any weapon of any type for any reason or purpose” has got to be of the broadest descriptions I’ve ever heard. Wow.

  • wodun

    The Democrats are getting out of control. We have separation of church and state yet Democrats insist on forcing school children to follow their religion. In some schools, kids were punished with detention for not participating in the Democrat organized protests.

    This article is an example of Democrats punishing kids who are engaging in lawful behavior that goes against Democrat’s religious beliefs. It is not the job of schools to inculcate Democrat’s beliefs.

  • Dale Martin

    When I lived in New England, Joisey was famous for being a pseudo fascist oligarchy, so bad that even the New Yorkers noticed….Now this move has proved that perception to be true….I think this disease started with Norman Schwartzkopf’s Father and the Lindbergh kidnapping….Ever since then, Joisey has been getting worse and worse as far as Constitutional rights are concerned…I personally think it has something to do with the water supply.

  • I’m guessing the school district doesn’t want this to go ‘viral’, as they say.

    I’d suggest the students get as many of their peers as possible to go to the range. Tell the school beforehand. Post the visit on every social media outlet, including the school’s website (what, a 15 year-old can’t hack a public school site?).

    Hey, teenagers! You’re constantly told (by Democrats) that you are oppressed. Well, here’s *real* oppression in action, perpetrated by the same-same people who claim they’re your friends and champions. You want to fight the power and make a difference, here’s your chance. And you’re under 18, so no real consequences.

  • Keith

    Dale – I drink that water everyday and am fine, for now, at least.

    Bob – I hope the school district doesn’t fight it and saves us some taxpayer dollars. They need the money to pad more politician pensions.

  • Dale Martin

    Keith: All that stuff the Mafia dumped into the mine shaft up by the highest point monument has been seeping into the water table for years, glad to hear it is not affecting you…;-)

  • pzatchok

    The school will try to push the fact that the student signed a contract to not be around firearms at any time.

    To win this case just ask them to prove any other contract signed by a minor is valid.

    If that’s not enough Ask them what law was broke by the student.

    Then ask them what authority they have off of school property and after school hours.

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