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New Mexico sheriff covering Albuquerque rejects lockdown order

Watch this December 18th statement by the elected sheriff of Bernalillo County, the most populous county in New Mexico that covers Albuquerque. He states unequivocally that his officers will not enforce the draconian edicts of his governor and local authorities. They will instead focus on “apprehending actual criminals.” He also added quite forcefully, “We will not follow along with any order that subverts [the public’s] constitutional rights.”

We need more sheriffs like him. These unlawful and unconstitutional edicts must end, and the best way to do that is for everyone to tell the petty dictators who are issuing them that we will no longer comply. This sheriff demonstrates how.

It only takes a little courage. I applaud this man for showing that he has that courage.

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  • janyuary

    Hooray for this sheriff. Would that we had a president or loudmouthed rebel that had “a little courage” of his convictions, but hardly …. our politicians lack convictions and so lack courage, from top down. Apparently today it takes tremendous courage to acknowledge arithmetic, the little boy who blurted out, “But the Emperor has no clothes.”

    I have yet to have anyone explain to me why we should be concerned over “stopping the spread” of a virus that, after a year, has taken down less than one tenth of one percent. For the love of all that’s holy, is not a rate of 99.9-plus percent healthy of C19, good enough?
    I have yet to have anyone explain to me why it is that when one looks up the death rate of China back in April it was something along the lines of 4,000 deaths from C19, I forget. Does anyone not see how ludicrous it is to consider 4,000 dead as anything remotely significant in a population pool of 1.38 billion?? That it was replaced in an hour and 40 minutes at China’s birthrate? Yet all of this panic for our very lives? No one, not even anyone with the most exotic of contagious virus fear mongering, has attempted to explain why the world became so worried about less than 4,000 dead out of 1.38 billion. All of this has been right in front of the world all along. Arithmetic transcends media, politics, sex, time, and religion.

    But as our right to public and private assembly is removed from us under lockdown, we get all kinds of fearful, hyper-hysteric dissertations (essentially moving the goal posts) on how viruses spread. We’re expected to accept as fact what is mostly trendy medicine, strategy, and marketing from an ancient profession with a long track record of astoundingly bad calls. Doctors are no better or worse than your average car technician on pretty much every level, in terms of your chances of getting a skilled one, let alone an ethical one.

    Doctors now deal in fear of the future, protecting you from future threats — for more than 20 years, aggressive marketing has been directed at every person in America to convince them that we live without health insurance and their constant monitoring, at our very peril, they tell us constantly about all the things that can or will or might or do make us sick, how we are probably sick and don’t even know it, here are the symptoms! — everywhere we turn on every medium from visual to audio to print … for 20 years at least. They are supreme, we had no idea we were in such danger except for them! Well …. we are seeing the return on that investment.

    Medical tyranny … the only thing worse than military tyranny would have to be that, government given medical accountability for each one of us. We are NOW being treated like livestock. Literally, sorted, inoculated, and temperatures monitored on a regular basis.

    So how is it that with all our brave hero politicians, not a single one has had the courage to call a spade a spade, to say that since 99.9something percent of Americans are good after a year, let’s end this lockdown? There is no arguing with arithmetic. When a society decides to ignore arithmetic and go with doctors and government mandates, it’s time to hit the bunkers. The election fraud fiasco is a symptom, not a cause.

  • Edward

    From the video: “It is my opinion that the resources of the sheriff’s office should focus on making our community safe and prosperous.

    “To protect and to serve.” Remember that door decal on the TV series “Adam 12?” It looks like there are some police departments that have not forgotten their oath to the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God.

  • John C


  • F16 Guy

    As a Reserve Deputy for the BCSO (and president of the Reserve Division), I worked closely with Manny, as he was our liaison to the full time personnel. He was great to work with and very pro-citizen, even back then.

    He also fought very hard NOT to have badge camera’s mandated for BCSO use, opting to use that money to better serve the community. The legislature finally overruled him, and now those cameras are required.

    I can almost guarantee he will run for mayor or governor next.

  • janyuary

    Edward — sad to say, “To protect and to serve.” Several of my retired cop friends, who’d spent their careers in the “Indian Territory” of Los Angeles and Southern California, let me know that in point of fact, the courts have determined that any law enforcement officer is absolutely OFF THE HOOK, not legally obligated, to do anything like “protect” or “serve.” They are paid to follow commands of their superiors. PERIOD, in a legal sense. So this “protect and serve,” which has been removed from police cars in many communities, is pure feel-good PR.

  • “We need more sheriffs like him.”

    Judging by the local county sheriffs in Oregon, there are plenty more like him. Local sheriffs routinely refuse to oppress the citizenry at the behest of government, to the point you’d think government would stop asking. It’s embarrassing to have law enforcement publically state they won’t enforce your edicts. It not only undermines the personal credibility of the official, but the credibility of government in general, and that is bad for Rule of Law.

  • pzatchok

    Sheriff Gonzales is the enemy of the democrat liberal party.

    A Latino or child of immigrants or Hispanic, however you want to call it, that does not follow the liberal playbook.

    I find most do not.

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