New Shepard flies again, for the third time

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The competition heats up: On Saturday Blue Origin successfully launched and landed its reusable New Shepard suborbital capsule/rocket spacecraft

The vehicle lifted off from the company’s test site shortly after 11 a.m. Eastern time, according to a series of tweets by company founder Jeff Bezos. The vehicle’s propulsion module, the same one that flew earlier test flights in November and January, made a successful powered landing, he said. Its crew capsule, flying without people on board, parachuted to a safe landing. … The vehicle reached a peak altitude of nearly 103.4 kilometers, slightly above the “von Karman line” frequently used as the boundary of space and similar to previous test flights.

This flight also carried some science experiments, demonstrating that Blue Origin’s customers will not be limited merely to space tourists.


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  • Edward

    From the article: “The company planned to restart the engine at an altitude of just 1,100 meters, quickly going to high thrust to slow the vehicle for landing.”

    The G rate on the landing deceleration looked very high! Good thing no one would be on board for such a landing.

    Also from the article: “This flight also carried the experiments provided by universities.”

    It looks like Blue Origin is already figuring out its customer service operations, at least for experimenters for unmanned flights. Good for them for moving forward so fast and so far.

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