New SpaceShipTwo first flight delayed until 2016

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In the heat of competion: Virgin Galactic has now conceded that there will not be any test flights of their new SpaceShipTwo ship in 2015.

The company is now promising that commercial flights will follow the 2016 test program in 2017. Wanna bet?



  • Willi Kusche

    No clouds in your crystal ball on this one!

  • pzatchok

    If its still using a hybrid engine it will never carry a paying passenger.

  • Edward

    Doug Messier’s article was not so optimistic, either.

    I suspect that Virgin Galactic will use their original fuel — allowing only the disappointing 50-mile altitude — and continue experimenting with other fuels or engines so that later they can get to higher, more desirable altitudes. They seem to be under a lot of pressure from financiers and passengers to get a safe ride operational sooner rather than later, and using the disappointing — but understood — fuel would be the best and safest option, right now.

    Whether they can finish their test regimen inside of 12 months is a good question, and it probably depends upon all tests going well, without any requirements for modifications to the craft.

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