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New texts from former FBI officials reveal contempt for Congress and the law

Newly released and unredacted texts from former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page not only reveal an effort to stonewall Congress from doing its Constitutionally-mandated oversight, they reveal an utter contempt for the law.

The article focuses on their contempt of Congress, but it really reveals that these two FBI agents, who now appear to be quite typical of much of the FBI’s upper management, were aggressively promoting a cover-up of illegal FBI actions and defying Congress in the process.

About a week after Comey’s press conference, Strzok wrote to Page that he was “Worried about work.” He was worried about “How much we decide to release, the prospect of second guessing.” It’s one thing if the second-guessing came from DoJ’s inspector general, but Strzok wasn’t about to be overseen by lawmakers: “The IG doing that bugs me;” Strzok texted, “Congress doing so infuriates me.”

He was doubly worried because, that day, Chaffetz and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte had sent a criminal referral to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia asking that Hillary Clinton be investigated, and perhaps prosecuted, for perjury. For Strzok, the referral was yet another reason to withhold information requested by Congress: “You read the referral yet?” Strzok asks Page. “We really want to drop the LHM [a summary of an investigation called a Letterhead Memorandum] and 302s [FBI interview notes] into that environment?”

Page called the requests from the Hill, “insulting” and Strzok declared “I just have no faith in Congress to respect our investigative information. The LHM and no more. Not even senior people’s 302, unless what we’d release via foia [the Freedom of Information Act].”

Even when the FBI was cornered into making documents available, they did their best to hobble efforts to read them. Here’s Peter Strzok texting Lisa Page on August 16, 2016, the day the FBI finally turned over a single heavily redacted copy of the 302 notes of Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview: “I’m strongly opposed to making any more copies for Congress. We limited on purpose, After careful consideration. If they let any particular committee get the copy, tough. Let them sort it out.” [emphasis mine]

Peter Strzok very eloquently sums up their attitude in one later text: “F them.”

Contempt for Congress is perfectly reasonable. I actually agree with them here. Refusing to obey the orders of elected officials, however, is an abuse of power, is illegal, and at a minimum should have gotten them fired, immediately. Instead, the FBI leadership (Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, etc) worked with them to defy Congress.

As I said yesterday, these people should also go to jail. They not only broke their oaths to defend and obey the Constitution, they participated in a criminal cover-up, in this case acting to protect the Democratic Party’s candidate for President from criminal prosecution.

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  • wodun

    Pretty much explains why/how the Obama administration across all the agencies avoided prison. Not only did all the agencies act this way but they had a corrupt DOJ that would cover for them at the end.

  • Cotour

    If these very serious perverted and politically motivated leadership issues within the FBI and DOJ are not properly resolved which resulted in the second set of laws that essentially were crafted expressly for the “next president of the United States”, Hillary Clinton and her operation, then there is no legal system in America. Its a free for all.

    This is why in time to some great degree they must be somehow and someway resolved, our entire country, the world even depends upon it.

    People are worried that the world is laughing at us? This is why they are laughing, Trump is just a side show in comparison. If America is to be considered a serious country and not just another pedestrian thugocracy in the world then it must happen. No if, ands or buts about it.

    Right now there are political contortions and back flips being done by both sides in the quest for this reconciliation. What comes out the other end, if I might make an appropriate analogy, will be interesting to say the least when it hits the ground, hot and steaming no doubt.

  • Chris

    Perhaps somewhere Madame Defarge is knitting…..

  • The Republican congressional leadership is spineless. They punished no one in the IRS scandals. Some of them appear to be complicit (Gowdy and Ryan). Putin has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Mueller is out of control. The MSM is asleep or is on the side of the bad guys.

  • Cotour


    Ryan can see no evidence of “spying”. I will agree when the FBI reveals their non spy in the Hillary Clinton campaign. If any politician on the planet needed an FBI informant on the inside of their operation it is without doubt, through large piles of the FBI’s own possessed evidence it is she. A spy, is a spy, is a spy, let us not be naive.

    Ryan and the Republican leadership are not so much spineless, they endeavor to keep alive their learned and comfortable status quo political power structure. For them to run hard against the again clearly compromised Democrats and Obama and Hillary that would pose a real and tangible threat to existence of their co conspirators now Leftist political party, the Democrats.

    They need each other, then came Trump. I hired Trump to disrupt the political status quo and the general world wide arrangements that have prevailed for the last 30 to 50 years. He seems keen on performing my desires.

    Well done president Trump, please may I have more?

  • Max

    Here is a on topic perfect illustration of contempt for congress.
    Marc Thiessen: Obama took lying to new heights with the Iran deal
    We knew that he had lied, we just didn’t know how far he went to subvert, entice, coerced others into breaking the law.
    The FBI in trumps administration we’re all a part of this illegal action during the Obama administration. Hang together, or we will all hang separately.
    The deep state could not get away with manufacturing evidence to frame the Republicans and Trump, now they are in a burnt earth policy of retreat. They all have already broke the law and perhaps treason, why stop there? To save themselves, what are they willing to do now? They have a plan…

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