New York clamps down on free speech

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Fascists: New York has passed a law requiring anyone who spends money to air their opinions during an election campaign to register with the state.

If you fail to register you will be fined.



  • Chris L

    Well we wouldn’t want just anyone saying just any ole thing on TV would we? What if they said someone that made someone, somewhere uncomfortable, or even worse, made them think? Nope, only highly trained professionals (you know, like Kim Kardashian) should be on television. The average person can not handle the power of having their words heard.

  • Don

    The law will be tossed. Clear violation of the First Amendment.

    But this is how the left wins, they keep on keeping on, they never give up. Perhaps if a Democrat wins in 2016, then gets four or five SCOTUS replacements, it will be over sooner rather than later?

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