New Yorkers react to Obama’s State of the Union speech, before it happens.

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No wonder they all vote Democrat: New Yorkers react to Obama’s State of the Union speech, before it happens.

The best question: “So, what did you think about Obama’s faking a heart attack at the end?” And the answer? Watch.

And yes, it is almost certain that every single one of the individuals in that video voted Democrat, as about 80 percent of Manhattan’s population voted for Obama in 2012.



  • Cotour

    These story’s all relate to the continuing stupidification of America, the left can not promote enough this “new” and “progressive” way of training people to think.

    Q: If they did not have a higher number of people working and taking care of business and enlisting for military service etc. (doing the dirty work) to compensate for their progressive way of thinking, would evolution in time eliminate them? Stupid is just stupid, whether it is based in political correctness or anything else.

  • joe

    This is what the worlds most expensive education system has reaped for the American public! Are they trying to teach kids how to think or just flat out indoctrinating them, I think its the latter.

  • Cotour

    Exactly three years later, surviving the Obama presidency, and a now new president, how time fly’s and things change:


    Why the dower look of fear and terror on the faces of many of the Democrats during president Trumps SOTU speech? Was it because of the many, many Trump first year real and substantial very pro American successes? No.

    Was it the pending release of the four page security memo that will clearly reveal that from Obama on down through the leadership of his FBI and his DOJ and through to the leadership of the DNC that they conspired and colluded to violate and essentially destroy and usurp the Constitution and it will likely result in indictments? No.

    Two issues that are very consequential, but they are not why the leadership of the Democrat party were so dark. So what was it? Its relatively simple, Republican, Donald J. Trump and his drive to build a wall and restructure the United States Of America’s immigration policy and law represents a verifiable existential threat to the Democrat party. Very simple.

    All of the other issues can be dealt with using the Liberal Democrat, now Leftist media propaganda machine, but the real and substantial changing of the United States Of America’s immigration policy and law destroys their ability to grow the numbers of Democrats that can support them at the polls. Without the existing irrational and un American 1965, Ted Kennedy immigration policy the Democrat party is going away.

    Just ask yourself: What does the Democrat party stand for? A simple question, and not surprisingly the answer is just as simple, they stand for three things. 1. Forced illegal immigration, they insist upon it. 2. The culture of dependency that incentivizes illegal immigration. and 3. Sanctuary city’s where the two converge. That’s it.

    So why was Nancy Pelosi’s face so painfully contorted during the presidents speech? Why did no black representative stand and applaud when the president reported that Black and Hispanic unemployment was at an historical low never before seen in America? Why did no Democrat stand and recognize the Long Island family’s of the two MS13 slain young lady’s in the audience? Because the Democrat leadership and their subordinates are terrified, they all know that they essentially stand for nothing other than what I listed above and in order to remain relevant they are going to have to restructure their party to actually benefit the Americans that they represent.

    Todays Democrat party is an endangered political species and president D.J. Trump and his real leadership represents a very palatable existential threat to their existence.

  • Cotour

    Make that four years not three, where has the time gone?

  • wayne

    Kimmel must have borrowed that idea from Campus Reform.

    “College Liberals Give Their Opinions On The State Of The Union Address, That Hasn’t Happened Yet”
    Campus Reform video, via Infowars

  • Localfluff

    “So why was Nancy Pelosi’s face so painfully contorted during the presidents speech?”
    This is her life. She will always be there. Even the trump era is just a temporary fluke in the life of this witch.
    (Remember when we used to burn them at the stake? We should reinvigorate that movement again!)

  • Cotour


    Its all about acquiring and / or the retention of power in politics. If a political party is forced without recourse to watch their power drain away, their entire contrived scheme of retaining or acquiring power vanish, and there is nothing that they are able to do about it other than reinvent themselves and actually turn from most everything that they have come to stand for, there will be no need for the “burning” of anyone.

    Your so………………………..Medieval…….Islamic in your methods of retribution. I thought the Swedes were so Egalitarian and peaceful. (Thats going to change soon enough if things in Sweden continue on the path that they are currently on, where is your Trump?)

    What we are witnessing right now in front of our own eyes, although long in coming, is the best form of retribution. And it comes about because the Democrats, who are bereft of real American thought process and have long ago forgotten what America is really about, have essentially destroyed themselves and will soon lie metaphorically dead in the eyes of a majority of the public. And THAT is thee worst eventuality for any politician or political party.

    Keeping in mind that this revelation and political paradigm shift is all the result of one new to the field politician, Donald J. Trump.

  • wayne

    a most excellent cultural reference!

    Midnight the Stars and You
    (end credit The Shining, Ray Noble and His Orchestra
    Vocal – Al Bowlly)

  • Localfluff

    In Sweden, we are currently rediscovering the benefits of burning the witches. They didn’t do it without a reason 300 years ago. There are good reasons to burn the witches. Such as survival, for example. This kind of justice is too important to let any government take care of.

  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    “Nancy Pelosi says government created iPhone, not Steve Jobs or Apple”
    (June 09, 2016)

  • Localfluff

    I saw The Shining as a child (which should’ve been forbidden). After having my mind scared and upset, seeing this unexpected zooming into Jack Nicholson being a movie star already in the 1920s was a chock too many. He’s ALWAYS been there. At the outlook Hotel at the (or one of the) end(s) of the universe. And it is hard to really have an unbiased outlook from our hotel, isn’t it?

  • wayne

    Hold the Chicken –
    “Five Easy Pieces” 1970

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