News crew threatened with arrest if they didn’t turn over their footage

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Free speech in modern America: A news crew filming was temporarily detained and threatened with arrest on July 24 for filming at a national park.

Watch the video below the fold. The arrogance and ignorance of the Constitution by these officers is appalling.



  • David M. Cook

    These corrections officers need to be fired! This is the only way to prevent this kind of abuse of power by our elected officials. Anyone who behaves this way must be properly reprimanded, as an example to other officers who may think they can get away with this. Unfortunately, too many elected democrats support these egregious abuses as a way to consolidate their hold on power. Parlous times, indeed!

  • mpthompson

    At what point does this kind of stuff get slapped down quickly and firmly? Unfortunately, the answer may be a very, very long time from now after we’ve learned some harsh lessons.

  • Edward

    From the article: “These confrontations between the media and public officials are happening more and more, and the public doesn’t know the half of it.”

    An increase in such confrontations does not suggest that it is only a few officers getting out of line but suggests that a new attitude is permeating throughout the law enforcement community.

    I suspect that this attitude of disregard for the Constitution trickles down from the attitude expressed by the administration.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • Jake

    Edward is correct. There is a new attitude in law enforcement. American citizens are now considered a threat that must be controlled. It is what is being taught. My only quibble with Edward is that the trend started long before Obama. It’s only under his presidency that it has lept forward.

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