Next Angara test flight in December

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The competition heats up: According to one Russian official, the next test flight of Russia’s new Angara rocket will take place before the end of December.

Another Russian news story says that the Angara test program will involve ten flights and that the target cost for the rocket’s most powerful configuration will be around $100 million. Depending on how much payload this configuration can put in orbit, this price makes it very competitive with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.


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  • geoffc

    It depends on what they mean by most powerful Angara model.

    Angara 5? (One center core, 4 side boosters. Not clear if doing propellant cross feed). Angara 7? New much larger center core, 7 side boosters?

    Other things that have been called Angara over the last decade or so of its development.

    Or maybe just a simple Angara 3?

    Each Angara core is using an RD-191 engine, which is 1/4 of a RD-170 (RD-180 of Atlas V fame is 1/2 an RD-170). So around 400-500Klbs of thrust. A single core is just not that powerful.

    Two cores just bring it into the range of lift thrust that Atlas V already has.

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