Next Blue Origin test flight before end of year

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The competition heats up: Blue Origin not only intends to launch another test flight of its suborbital New Shepard rocket/capsule before the end of 2015, they hope to begin commercial unmanned flights by the second quarter of 2016.

Manned flights will follow, though they don’t say when. Based on this schedule, however, it appears that Blue Origin, which had hardly been on anyone’s radar for most of the last decade, is going to beat Virgin Galactic and XCOR in flying their first commercial flight.


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  • Edward

    It seems as though Blue Origin is also providing services for experiments, just as XCOR and Virgin Galactic have announced they would provide. It seems that since Blue Origin does not have pressure to launch people into suborbital space, they are willing to use the first few flights to further validate their rocket and craft, yet draw some revenue by launching experiments.

    I think part of the competition is against today’s standard (heritage?) sounding rockets that currently take up these types of experiments.

    Almost related:

    In a previous post about NASA’s commercial space program, DougSpace noted that around $14 billion was being spent on commercial space (over a couple of decades), and asked the question: “Does anyone else view $14 B as an obscene amount of money? Wasn’t the whole idea of developing commercial cargo with competition in order to develop low-cost transportation to LEO?”

    DougSpace, I have an answer for your question and comment. Because of the recent problem with comments, my reply was not timely, and you may have missed it. (Isn’t it Murphy’s Law that requires that when Robert goes on vacation the website chooses that moment to hiccough?)

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