Nine of the top ten worst nations for religious persecution are Islamic, with North Korea being the only exception.

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The religion of peace: Nine of the top ten worst nations for religious persecution are Islamic.

North Korea tops a list of the world’s worst religious persecutors for the tenth consecutive year, but Islamic states dominate the rankings, accounting for nine of the top ten and 38 of the full 50-country list released Wednesday.

There is a pattern here, I think, though hard as I try it is hard to see it. Maybe it’s related to Islamophobia somehow?


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  • taka

    That just proves that ignorant people do bad things. There are bad Muslims, Christians, etc., yet that doesn’t mean the religion that they are improperly following is guilty. Just because a small group of blue people do something bad, doesn’t mean that all blue people are bad, let alone what their beliefs are.

    The fear-mongering of minority groups has occurred throughout American history and every time history has shown us that we can get beyond it and learn to respect our differences and love what we have in common (which is a LOT more than the fear-mongers would have us believe).

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