No Atlantic hurricanes in August for the first time in eleven years.

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More extreme weather, eh? There were no Atlantic hurricanes in August this year, for the first time in eleven years.

As I’ve noted repeatedly, there is no evidence yet of an increase of extreme weather events as predicted by global warming advocates. In fact, some recent data suggests a decline, though I personally wouldn’t take that seriously either.

So, when Al Gore or Barack Obama or Dianne Feinstein starts running around like Chicken Little, claiming the sky is about to fall, remember these facts.



  • Ed Clark

    But isn’t it fun pretending this fiasco is science? Who cares if it destroys the name of science and all trust in it.

  • mpthompson

    Seems that the term “science” with regards to global warming is an appeal to authority rather than anything having to do with the scientific process. 300 years ago they would have just said “because the Pope says so.” Which would at least be more intellectually honest.

  • joe

    84 trillion in unfunded obligations by federal, state, and local governments, where does everyone think this money is going to come from, they want a carbon tax and this is not about global warming, climate change or climate disruption, this is about social justice, (read as redistribution of wealth)!

  • Publius 2

    I respectfully disagree — this is not about wealth redistribution. If it were, the poor would be seen absorbed into the middle class. This is about consolidating the power to control everything in our lives. The Soviet Union collapsed, but its minions and devotees have resettled in the minds of the American left. They care not about the lessons of history, only that they were not in control at the time.

  • wodun

    Those two things are not mutually exclusive, it can be both.

  • Joe

    You are correct about power and corruption, but the wealth redistribution is happening, the middle class is losing wealth and getting smaller at the same time! Yes it essentially about control, you control everything from medicine to agriculture and you control society.

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