No coronavirus illnesses after 1,000 HS football games

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Why am I not surprised? Despite more than a thousand high school football games across several states in the past month, there have been no COVID-19 outbreaks related to those games, with cases continuing to drop in each state.

Utah, for example, launched youth sports more than five weeks ago. Alabama, Indiana and Tennessee commenced with high school football roughly four weeks ago. Alaska has been allowing games for more than two weeks.

Many have been wondering whether these events would ultimately lead to an increase in COVID-19 cases being spread within communities.

Despite more than a thousand individual games having taken place, no significant recorded outbreaks of COVID-19 have occurred as a result.

Since the very start of the epidemic the evidence strongly told us that young people did not get sick from this virus. Nothing, absolutely nothing, as occurred since to change that initial assessment.

And yet American politicians tremble in terror at the idea of having children return to classrooms, and mandate that little kids wear masks. It is beyond stupid.


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  • Phill O

    Now, the price of lumber has doubled! OSB has tripled.

    The ski industry has collapsed and many instructors are out of work both summer and winter.

    The airline industry is a shambles. Just think of the dollars snowbirds put into the economy and Apache Junction / Mesa will be crumbling.

    On the upside, suicide is increasing as are murders, riots and property destruction!

    The current generation has gotten used to no risks and zero tolerance.

    My question is “What will happen if something serious happens?”

  • LocalFluff

    Japanese GDP down 28% at yearly rate last quarter. The economy will likely recover somewhat so it won’t be quite that bad, but it is a horrible loss.They export lots of advanced stuff to the industries in the world, so it is a very bad sign that also high tech has collapsed all over the world. First year after the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia’s GDP has been estimated to have fallen by 20% because of disrupted trade and factory bankruptcies.

    The stock market has ceased to be an indicator of the real economy. The $trillions or put in pockets of those who have nothing else to do with the money than buy stock. Btw I read that Elon Musk now is the world’s fourth richest man, worth an estimated $110 billion! So he could fund a Mars colony on his own.

    Politicians in the whole Western World are much more sinister than even I had thought. Stupid or evil is the classical question, both is the answer. But that is not enough. Someone who is only stupid and evil does not hallucinate. They are completely insane too! And barely any elected politicians oppose draconian and deeply destructive measures like this. Not that I know of anyway.

  • Questioner


    I have to disagree somewhat. In the Corona crisis, stupidity is not the driving force among politicians (I am happy to accept malice). It is simple, it is about just power.

    The primary goals of every politician is to gain power, maintain power and expand power. This politically generated crisis provides the ruling politicians with the ideal tool for which wars are otherwise necessary to achieve these goals, in which the constitution and normal legislation are undermined. Even Trump, who initially rightly resisted, had to surrender to the dynamics of this system if he was to be re-elected.

    Unfortunately, we have to state that these politicians are confirmed in their actions by the reaction of the controllable “dumb” mass of voters (in Germany approx. 70%). Merkel and her CDU party, despite all of Merkel’s evil deeds in the past, recorded a significant increase in predicted votes. But 30% of the people are skeptical and millions are demonstrating against the Corona idiocy, as we are experiencing here, even if they are pounded by the police and socially discriminated by the Merkel regime and its regime media.

  • LocalFluff

    But they could’ve made up a better excuse than this!
    All politicians obviously acted in thoughtless panic, imitating each other.

  • Questioner


    One of the most important results of the politically organized resistance against the Corona regime is the split on the left. This is a sensation! A part of the left, which are mostly “Gutmenschen”, no longer wants to follow the increasingly totalitarian course of mainstream leftism that dominates the state and the public and is rebelling. The trigger is the corona crisis. We can observe that the Corona rebels, the majority of whom are lefties or left-wing liberals, also integrate right-winger or conservatives into their movement. This phenomenon scares the ruling internationalists. It is now absurd and therefore no longer so easy to slander the political resistance against the Merkel left regime as Nazis.

  • LocalFluff

    A broadening of opposition against the regime is a very potent thing! A shift in paradigm. I don’t see anything of that in Sweden, here everyone is more united behind the regime than any people ever has been. We are the only country in the EU that doesn’t have a single elected politician who is critical against the EU. Even Luxemburg that makes truck loads of money a day on their EU membership, have a party in their parliament that is dedicated to leaving the EU, because they value their independence more. Brexit only united all Swedes on the side of Merkel and Macron. We have no trace of any opposition. That we are one of the world’s most violent countries, that islamism is the only active political force, that we are one of the world’s most indebted countries, that our schools are the worst in OECD, that we have the by far smallest health care capacity in the OECD, that we have the world’s highest taxes, nothing of that is anything that any Swede cares about.

    You will have a problem with Sweden as a land of eternal civil wars between different islamic clans and as a lawless center of terrorism. I feel sorry for the Norwegians, because their border is impossible to defend against tens of millions of islamists invading, like bordering with Somalia but much worse since all Middle East ethnicities who intensely hate each other are collected in Sweden. All Swedes will of course be slaughtered in the next couple of decades. They have no will to live. Islam is Sweden’s only possible future.

    No country in world history has even a single year had as large an immigration (and almost all of them are islamists) as Sweden had every year last decade per capita. And not a single politicians proposes any change. All voters reelect the same politicians. There’s no Trump och Brexit or AfD here. Everyone is happy to be murdered. Hope you are doing better down there!

  • Andrew_W

    ? But the graphs they show for Utah and Alabama DO show up-ticks in cases in the last few weeks!

    (though I doubt a few school games count as huge events anyway).

    And going back to the South Dakota biker rally, as expected, about 3 weeks after the event the number of cases in South Dakota spiked, with evidence offered that there has been a flow-on in cases nationwide.

  • Questioner


    I get very sad, when I read your lines, which unfortunately are not satire but represent reality. About the extinction of our two peoples and cultures. But should we both sacrifice ourselves for our mental ill peoples (a race of self-haters and self-accused) who are as stupid as the proverbial stupid calves, who continue to choose their own butcher?

  • Sam

    And going back to the South Dakota biker rally, as expected, about 3 weeks after the event the number of cases in South Dakota spiked…

    [ Branch Covidian translator activated ]

    Spiked: verb, past tense. Any increase to the metric the speaker has, in that moment alone, decided to hinge all of their justifications for health fascism on. A deliberately vague description when the relative or absolute numbers in question are incapable of instilling sufficient terror in the listener.

  • Would appreciate email addresses for any commenter on this thread, if comfortable.

  • Blair Ivey: If anyone wishes to communicate directly with Blair, state so in a a comment, and I will compile the email addresses into an email and send it to Blair. I think for everyone this would be better than having people post their email addresses publicly.

  • wayne

    I’ll put in a plug for Blair’s blog — Fixed Points. He doesn’t post a lot, but when he does, it’s Good Stuff, all around.

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