No more seasonal hurricane predictions from Colorado State University.

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No more seasonal hurricane predictions from Colorado State University.

They lost their funding, which is no surprise.

At the beginning of this year’s season, the team predicted 18 named storms. Nine of those, it said, would become hurricanes. Four would be major hurricanes. Here’s how it shook out: There were 13 named storms. Only two became hurricanes. Neither was a major hurricane.

They, like NOAA, expected an increase in extreme hurricanes and were wrong. In fact, they were so wrong that they illustrated clearly how much a guess all of these climate predictions are. You might as well flip a coin.



  • Cotour

    You will just have people who want to see global warming as a “bad” thing site the massive hurricane that hit the Philipines as the evidence that it exists.

    On a similar subject, what are you views on “chem trails” Mr. Zimmerman? Every couple of days after the sky over NY is crystal clear there are several days of very abundant trails left by high flying jets that hang in the air for several hours resulting in a milky white sky for the rest of the day.

    I have consciously observed this for over a year now. Some jets fly high and their vapor trail diminishes in about 4 to 8 minutes and some jets lay down hours worth of what ever they are laying down.

  • Jetjockey

    Atmospheric conditions dictate vapor trails! Good lord! Get a life!!!

  • Cotour

    I just don’t remember jet vapor trails hanging for hours upon hours upon hours, dissolving into a milky white cloud covered day. I have noted them for over a year now. Never really paid attention to them before, one day its crystal clear and the the next they are all over the place.

    If you are a pilot and that’s what you say they are I will go with it, but I still find it interesting.

  • Cotour

    Check this JET, Is this a normal jet? You can see that what he is spraying is not the result of a normal engine con trail. What is the purpose of such a jet? Weather modification?

  • wade

    i have wondered about those myself. meanwhile, the Government has given me a 2 week notice that they are to confiscate All of my properties and Auction them to cover a supposed amount of Back Taxes of with All my belongings and property was bought and paid for in Cash

  • wade

    the march of the jackboots

  • Cotour

    You need a lawyer and a good accountant (as if you did not know that)

    Maybe try: Tax Defense Partners – 1866 829 3333 ?

    See what they have to say.

  • Cotour

    I found another interesting video, this does not appear to be your standard engine vapor trail.

    I also happened to witness not so long ago, two of them flying in a pair at about 35k and both turn on at the same time. They went from a standard engine trail to a full plane width, wing tip to wing tip. Is all that dramatic difference just a change in atmospheric conditions? And then they hang around for many, many hours?

  • wodun

    This chemtrails business is a joke. Are you in on the joke or are you the joke?

  • Pzatchok

    The effect of turning it on and off is caused by the jet passing from one airstream or thermal layer to a different one.

    You have heard of the jet stream right. Will there are more than one and they are at different levels and have different amounts of moisture in them.

    If he comes back down into that same stream it will look like they turned back on. Until he gets below that one and they will more than likely turn off again.

    They hang around because the wind is not blowing them away. More than likely because there is no wind.

    I see them all the time from passenger planes leaving or coming into our local airport. The thing is if one plane makes one in the morning more than likely all the planes will make them all day long. And if one doesn’t make one then more than likely none of them do for the rest of the day.
    All because of the local weather. Not something nefarious coming off the planes.

    In fact every time someone goes and actually gets a sample from one all they find is general atmospheric dust, water vapor and diesel exhaust. Jet fuel is just fancy diesel fuel.

    But I’m sure you knew all that already.

  • Cotour

    Pzat, that is a more reasonable explanation, I never thought that it could be the fuel because of the nature of the tolerances of the engines. If anything I thought that it may be in part because of the increased efficiencies of modern engines and different atmospheric conditions day to day. And still you can observe where planes at apparently the same altitude create different effects. In addition the logistics are tremendous and the only way around them would be additives in fuel that would accomplish what ever it is that is being accomplished without the knowledge of the participants.

    There is information and there is disinformation and both serve a purpose depending on what the agenda is (if there is an agenda). I will continue to be aware of this situation.

  • Joe

    Coture, the vapor trail got wider because the aircraft turned perpendicular to the prevailing winds, the winds now blow them wider, where as before the aircraft made their turns the wind was blowing with the vapor trails, this from a pilot.

  • Pzatchok

    I never said the fuel did it.

    All I said was that all they ever find is fuel, dust and water.

    The fuel has no effect.

    Why do people keep thinking its some chemical reaction?
    They are clouds people. Clouds created by the air being compressed at the front of the wings.

  • Joe

    Clouds do need particulate matter to form, at least in many forms, you are correct that this is for the most part water vapor

  • Edward

    Water vapor is the correct answer. Aviation fuel is a hydrocarbon. The carbon combusts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, and the hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water, which is in vapor form in the high temperature engine. Once it leaves the engine, the water cools and – when the addition of that much water in the air creates the right conditions – condenses into cloud-like contrails. The same thing can happen with car exhaust on a cold day, and the “smoke” that you see from modern American smokestacks is usually also only condensed water vapor.

    Contrails may last for seconds, minutes, or hours depending upon the atmospheric conditions, such as the relative humidity of the air. As the hours pass, air ccurrents can dispurse the contrail cloud into something wider but less dense — but still can significantly reduce the power collected by your solar-power arrays. Contrails can start and stop as the aircraft travels, since the local conditions tend to change slightly with location. They can also form from the reduced pressure over the top of the wings or the wingtips. These usually last only for moments. A similar phenomenon can occur as a jet transitions to supersonic speed. Once again, these depend upon the local atmospheric conditions and the pressure drop over the wings.

    I have observed day-long contrails all my life. They are nothing new. I do not find them aesthetically appealing, however. I prefer puffy clouds.

    Or we could just make up a conspiracy, such as: they are trying to fluoridate the water in areas that do not already fluoridate.

  • Cotour


    As I think back, I just don’t remember them as numerous or persistent.

  • Edward

    I think that there are more airplanes now than there used to be. Hard to imagine, considering that we have about the same number of runways which have been largely impacted for decades, but that’s what I am thinking.

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