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North Carolina university system repeals DEI policies

Actually taking concrete stpes to end DEI
Actually taking concrete stpes to end DEI

Under pressure by its state legislature, which last year banned all diversity statements from state agencies, the Board of Governors for the North Carolina University (UNC) system voted today to repeal its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies that have encouraged discrimination against non-minorities within the system.

The new policy now requires UNC schools to “ensure equality of all persons & viewpoints,” and promote “nondiscrimination in employment practices.” It also mandates that all UNC schools comply with a series of amendments passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in the past year that limit what can be discussed or taught about race, racism and sex in government institutions.

…Schools in the UNC System are required to comply with the new policy by September 1. The proposal does not indicate how many DEI jobs might be impacted.

Earlier this month, the Board of Trustees for the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill passed a separate proposal to divert $2.3 million from DEI programs to public safety.

The new policy, which you can read here [pdf], is very clear that DEI racial quotas and poltical favorism must end. It also indicates the board’s increasing impatience with the reluctance and resistence of the administrations of its various colleges to eliminate or even reduce the power of these DEI programs. Last March the board had passed a rule banning the requirement of pro-DEI statements from new hires. It made it clear it considered such statements, as well as the programs behind them, no longer acceptable.

None of the universities did anything to cut back those programs, though they of course stopped demanding DEI endorsements from new hires. In February 2024 for example UNC-Greensboro made major cuts to its academic programs while leaving intact its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) office, its Office of Intercultural Engagement (which pushes the queer agenda), and its black studies and its women’s, gender, and sexuality departments.

The Civil Rights Act, reinstated at UNC
The Civil Rights Act, reinstated at UNC

In response, the board earlier this month voted to shift all DEI program funds to public safety, and then followed up with this new policy vote today. We should therefore begin to see the complete shut down of the DEI offices at UNC very shortly.

At the same time, we should also expect to see the resistance at the administrations at UNC’s various colleges to continue. Expect them to try again to rename these departments but leave them intact. If that doesn’t work expect them to shift the DEI staffers to different positions with responsibilities allowing them to continue their work.

To really change things will require the board to begin firing many administrators, and putting in place new people opposed to the hateful and bigoted race-based education of the DEI crowd. These new people in turn must be given the necessary support to fire faculty, since many professors in the academic world like hateful and bigoted race-based education, and will fight tooth-and-nail for the right to continue to stuff it down the throats of students.

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  • Paul Revere

    In order to do this, the North Carolina legislature had to override the Democrat governor Cooper’s Veto

    NC Senate overrides Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of anti-DEI bill

  • Jeff Wright

    I think some of the push-back began with the horrific October attacks of last year exposing the underbelly of DEI.

    A lot of DEI really could be seen as exposing many white liberals of the Northeast who are entitled and privileged, but blood guilt poisons everything—people convinced themselves that anti-Semitism was the sole domain of tiki-torches…and recent events were a wake-up call.

    Anti-Semitism is the one prejudice enjoyed by both sides of the spectrum. The Treaty of Versailles sparked Germany’s madness, price-tag attacks re-awakened old beefs…etc

  • “Det. Gregory: “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

    Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

    Det. Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

    Holmes: “That was the curious incident.””

    ‘Silver Blaze’ 1892 Doyle

    And likewise, there have been curious few protests from the Left about the wholesale rejection of their pet project. As if they realize that their hand is overplayed, and played out. One seeming benefit of the Western Tyranny Experiment is that society is showing an increasing inclination to go all Twisted Sister, and not take it anymore.

  • Andi

    Minor edits:
    first paragraph: “Board of Governors for the North Carolina”
    penultimate paragraph: “expect to see the resistance”

  • Andi: Fixed. Thank you.

  • Jeff Wright

    Rosanna Scotto in NYC let the cat out of the bag as Democrats couldn’t scrounge up many protesters against Trump’s showing at the Bronx.

    I guess busing works. Thanks Governor Abbott.

    Things went from theoretical to down home when borders were shown to be a national problem after all. Many south of the border are staunch Roman Catholics, so things aren’t going well for the DNC.

    Even Chavez knew a border and a picket line are one and the same…all the GOP got out of the Reagan Blanket Amnesty?

    The View’s Anna Navarro.

    How’d that work out?
    Somebody explain that to Ann Coulter.

    The folks in the Bronx are centrists after all.

    It wasn’t that long ago that libertarian skeptics Penn & Teller and lefty skeptic Adam Conover both beclowned themselves on the subject of loose borders.

    At the time of Reagan, it was Republicans that called pro-border/union Democrats “knuckle-draggers”…all the allegations hurled at Trump and his supporters today.

    But people know that their parties both sold out the common man for cheap labor and/or cheap votes.

    Now that it isn’t just Texans, but New Yorkers being overrun—things are changing.

    The Biden/Romney uniparty has failed.

  • BLSinSC

    I’ll bet the leftists will simply “wink wink” comply while continuing their pogroms!! Like so many others have said – the ONLY way to END this leftist destruction is to DESTROY it! EVERYONE who was hired as dei/crt/blm/womynz and the other anti-America groups need to be DEFUNDED and FIRED! Each school should be required to LIST the POSITION (names optional), TITLE, Responsibilities, Accomplishments, Salary, and Benefits. Then that TOTAL should be EXPOSED as a COST per STUDENT! All SAVINGS from eliminating the INSANITY should be allocated to reducing Tuition and improving Security! I’m sure the PARENTS of these leftists will be amused at how much of their tuition funding has been absolutely wasted!


    “Remember, in political correctness and the radical America hating Liberal / Leftist political agenda we all perish. America is STILL in the long term the solution and not the problem. ”

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