North Korea appears to back down

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A news report today out of North Korea suggests that its leader, Kim Jong Un, has stepped back from a plan to test fire four missiles in the direction of Guam.

This could be related to China’s decision this week, under strong pressure from the Trump administration, to finally go along with UN sanctions and ban imports of iron, lead, and coal from North Korea.



  • LocalFluff

    So the little Kim got worried and hid in his little cat box.
    So you’re not as big as your mouth, are you, Kim? You’re just another in the range of tiny poor dictatorial states around the world. If you shoot off any rocket again, the US will pick them down and dig up whatever capability you have to make and launch such things. Norko can only lose. And the SucKos too of course, but that’s their own local problem. They have had ample opportunity to fix it. The relatives of the dead ones will have to blame their parents for stupidly ignoring this death threat during all of these decades. The only thing that matters is that the US is protected.

  • Cotour

    Action….Reaction…..desired result :

    (And keep in mind that what we see in the news related to these issues is shaped for public consumption.)

    So Trump threatens to take REAL action related to a proposed threat by N. Korea and the end result ?

    Adjustment of attitude and plans? (Stay tuned)

    The last time this happened for real was over 30 years ago when Reagan was in office, everything done by all American presidents after that point up until Trump has been more of a Left leaning Globalization of the world lead by America.

    And this is where that what turns out to be a Leftist type Globalist plan appears to emanate from.

  • Michael

    One must admit that the are times when the need to rearrange one’s sock draw takes precedence over starting a global nuclear war.

  • Cotour


    There probably would not have been a global nuclear war potential.

    If Un was / is so very naive to launch a nuke attack at one of our assets I am certain that we would not have answered in kind but we would have launched a massive campaign of total destruction that would walk its way up the N. Korean territory, destroying all military and launch capability. It might possibly be tactically wise (given in this scenario that a nuke was used) to use one or two nukes to destroy any concentrated forces that could attack S. Korea, but a full blown nuclear war is unlikely, especially given Un’s rhetoric (If indeed it is his rhetoric).

    I doubt given Un’s rhetoric that China or Russia would enter into the fray, especially if it was done in a surgical manner.

  • Michael

    Sorry. I was just making light of the situation.

  • Cotour

    I can totally appreciate some dark humor :)

    I think the big takeaway here is that Trump, unlike all other presidents of the last 30 years, either Republican or Democrat, is in fact different and more about actually taking care of business for American rather then taking America for a ride down the leftist Globalist / One World Government road.

    This is where the agenda appears to germinate from.

    And do not get me wrong, I have no problem with having America running the world but these agendas laid out in this PNAC agenda also needs to destroy our Constitution and that IMO is the road to hell. PNAC is pure S.O.M. justified agenda.

  • Cotour

    And lets not forget who is really suffering in N. Korea, the people.

    I laughed when during the video the narration pointed out that in a particular restaurant the TV was on 24 hours a day spewing out propaganda. Sound familiar? The N. Korean people are certainly brain washed, I suppose we all are to differing degrees, and they must live in mortal fear every day. Very sad.

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