North Korea fires a ballistic missile from submarine

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North Korea today successfully launched a ballistic missile from a submarine, landing it within Japanese waters.

In addition, North Korea on Monday threatened to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S.

North Korea warned Monday that it would launch a preemptive nuclear attack against the U.S. and South Korea if they showed the “slightest sign of aggression” toward Pyongyang while conducting their annual military drills. The North’s Foreign Ministry said its “first-strike” units are prepared to conduct retaliatory strikes on South Korean and U.S. forces, threatening to turn the two nations into “a heap of ashes.”

Don’t worry however. The Obama administration “strongly condemned” the test launch today. That will certainly make a difference.



  • Cotour

    Not to worry, Obama has Joe Biden on it.

    And, “nobody messes with Joe”.

  • Joe

    Obama has by himself made the world a more dangerous place with his lead from behind strategy, his foreign policy mandates have allowed leaders of dictatorial regimes to act as though no will stop them, and for the most part, no one is stopping them. This will lead to a nuclear Japan as well as many other nations with in the grip of China.

  • Cotour

    Joe, this is Obama’s gift to the world, and now Hillary (if she should prevail) can further these mighty agendas in making the world a more equal place (for every depraved dictator).

    Good reasons for those who can not bring themselves stomach Trump as president to swallow hard and digest a good dose of reality.

    I will take the risk of on an unknown but very successful private sector leader, that I consider an American rather than a plainly known and now massively documented threat to our country’s foundation and the peoples freedoms. You do not have to literally be a rocket scientist / engineer to figure this one out.

    Its that simple.

  • Localfluff

    North Korea got nuclear weapons during the Obama watch, and Hillary’s neocon fan club. That very dangerous foreign policy failure deserves much more attention than it gets. Trump hasn’t even mentioned it AFAIK. One cannot trust Hillary with Kim’s and the ayatolla’s fingers on the nuclear trigger buttons.

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