North Korea has completed preparations for a mid-range rocket launch tomorrow.

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North Korea has completed preparations for a mid-range rocket launch tomorrow.

If I was in South Korea or Japan, I would be very very worried.



  • JGL

    Do you really think that N. Korea will target S. Korea and / or Japan with a live war head, nuclear or otherwise ? It would be certain suicide.

    The powers that be in the country, not so much K.J. UN, have got to understand that they will be made a final example of through the execution of a massive technological retaliation. Im not saying that we have to assume that they are rational but just the actual survivability of such a massive counter attack, probably exclusively from the air and space has to have a self restraining effect on them.rational or not. I of course assume they properly understand what can and very well might be done.

    Their goal is to shake off or loosen the trade restrictions that have been imposed on them for their nuclear aspirations. There is no net gain for them, only massive losses and the possibility of the loss of power or being pushed further into the stone age, remember “shock and awe” ?
    I would have to assume it would be worse and even more precise, I assume that China would have to be compelled to participate in some way.

    I see Obama as more of a threat to N. Korea under such circumstances if he is pushed, he has other things to concentrate on. The issue is: how do they climb down?

  • We can’t rule out anything with the Norks. If they do launch will, would subsequent reaction be contained? Would China or Russia take this as an opportunity to land grab in other parts of the world? Would Obama pee his pants once again and give us all a good lecture?

  • JGL

    All interesting questions.

    It could all be purposefully intended to upset the worlds current power balance, I don’t trust China or Russia in the least, no matter what they might say they are our strategic enemies. If it is set off, will we wait for China to act first? If the move is against S. Korea or Japan we are obligated to respond. We will find out soon enough.

  • I can’t help but think of the book “The Mouse that Roared”.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    I’m pretty sure this is just a test launch – I would think if & when they go thru with any actual attack, it wouldn’t be announced. It’s mostly just belligerence on Kim Jung Un’s part – but we still need to take it seriously, because a successful launch would demonstrate their ability to attack if they chose to do so…

    One thing we should be aware of when talking about nukes in N. Korea or Iran – the real danger may not be that either of them actually will use one on us (I think it’s more likely Iran would try to take out Israel), one of the real concerns is that these bad actors could give either the technology or actual weapons to terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, etc. This Admin has tried to pooh-pooh the idea we should be worried about an attack from either Iran or N. Korea – they said, “Well, they don’t have a missile that could hit us, so there’s nothing to worry about”. But that may not be the real danger – a terrorist group with a weapon could easily park it in a truck somewhere in a big Metro area & set it off – the weapon itself would not necessarily need to be especially small or sophisticated to cause horrific damage & human carnage in that scenario…

  • Lino

    This could be a great opportunity to test our missile-intercept capability.

  • wodun

    Keep in mind the context, we are holding war games with SK right now. War games are always contentious with NK and from their perspective are saber rattling and threatening.

    In any case, this provides the proper setting for how serious things are and should add more realism to the war games.

    Who knows how things will be. decade from now when NK has both a missile capable of reaching us and the nuke to go with it. Maybe just enough time to get our anti-missile tech working.

  • lino

    Kim Jong Un has made his intentions very clear. Repeatedly, in his speeches, he has outlined his plans. Hitler did the same and he was ignored for too long. Why is it okay to pacify this character? He should be pre-empted before he has the capability to deliver his “new toys” to us or our allies.

  • JGL

    Hitler had very different circumstances, where is UN going to go? His only end game IMO may be just to do Chinas bidding, testing America and keeping us off balance and testing our systems.

  • lino

    If UN is just acting as a pawn for China, that is even scarier than if he is a lone crazy.

  • Has anybody considered giving him a Gameboy and locking him in his room?

  • Lino

    I think he is alone in his room. It was reported that his missile is going up and down without launching.

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