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North Korea launches another missile

North Korea has launched another ballistic missile.

Not much information yet about its range or capability.

Update (now that I am off the mountain and back in the lobby, able to post): It appears North Korea successfully launched three short range ballistic missiles on Saturday.

Initial reports had suggested that all were failures. Now it appears that all were successful, flying about 150 miles.


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  • Cotour

    These stories that feature posed pictures of the “Great Leader” smiling with his generals behind him is so very juvenile and unsophisticated, I guess they have no clue about this? Is it just a N. Korean thing?

    What makes it so ridiculous are the details contained in the pictures themselves. Very simple accessories, a table, a chair, a map, an ash tray etc, etc, right out of the fifties. Its like they are in a time warp and they are deluding themselves that they have made technological strives beyond that of their adversaries.

    This does not compute to me.

  • wayne

    In the fifties, we had hydrogen bombs. None of his stuff has to be better than our stuff, it just has to work to cause problems.

    pivoting slightly, I don’t like this development.
    “Sebastian Gorka resigns”

  • Cotour

    Its not the weapon itself that is the issue for me, its the ability to deliver it, a lot of it. They say they have the ability to deliver it but so what? If they do deliver it their entire country will be damaged to a degree that they could not function and they would certainly lose power, both kinds. I repeat, so what if you have the weapon? It appears that they do not understand the level of technology that will be very precisely delivered upon them, a lot of it. So given that reality they are 1. Either naive and believe that they can “win”, what ever that might mean to them, or 2. and this is what they must understand at some level, there having the weapon is a hollow victory and they can not really use it. Again, so what? This entire thing must be an exercise in extortion because the logic would follow that if they did launch they would certainly be destroyed. The entire thing IMO is a fraudulent charade.

    As to Gorka, or Bannon or any of those who have departed, when they say they were forced out by their “Enemies”, who or what does that exactly mean? If there is an internal battle going on why would you just pack up and leave and not stay and fight? But if the president does not consider your counsel, what is the point?

    It feels like the ideological element is slowly being drained from the White House leaving only Trump. Maybe just Trump will be enough? The deep state is strong and deep and can influence or wait anyone out. What will be a telling event will be the threat that Trump has plainly made related to the debt extension and the wall. What it sounds like Trump is saying is that there had better be funding for the wall and if there is not he will not sign on and essentially there will be a shut down. Which I will have no problem with.

    If the deep state has taken over then Trump will just let it go, if Trump is still in charge then he will either get his wall or there will be a shut down. I suspect that he will play hard ball on this wall issue, he has to. We wait.

    (Q: Can the Senate and the Congress over ride the president on this budget issue? If they can then Trump will have to hold tight and push a crisis and be over ruled to save face with his base. If he blinks that will be a tell that we are going to have to start rethinking things (Which we should have been doing anyway)

  • wayne

    Cotour– referencing your ponder:
    “Q: Can the Senate and the Congress over ride the president on this budget issue?”

    Not sure what exact issue to which you are referring, but in general… “yes,” Ryan & Mitch control Congress. They don’t ever really have to pass any Bills at this point, the entire government is on automatic-spending & endless continuing-resolutions, and Mitch has vowed to increase the debt limit, no-matter-what. (We haven’t had budget-hearings for 9 years, and they aren’t going to start now.)

    Referencing N. Korea—
    I am NOT at all confident that our government has the will to retaliate against the norks. Despite Trumps rhetoric, Ryan & Mitch run the show and they are both rino-crony-French-republicans.

    Personally, I don’t care about Bannon or any of the other entourage. The loss of Gorka however means one less clear thinker on board.

    Sebastian Gorka –
    “How We Defeat the Global Jihad”
    9-11-16 David Horowitz Freedom Center

  • Cotour

    Looks like both Gorka and Bannon will be fighting on the same side from the outside now.

    They may actually now be more politically influential creating pressure in this way. These two former insider perspectives may give Trump the room to go against any deep state / anti American agendas that will be driven.

  • Mitch S.

    One glint of light in this gloom is Trump’s pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio.
    If Trump was cowed by the Charlottesville fallout and under the influence of “Deep State’ Republicans he would have left Arpaio hanging.

  • Cotour

    Trump has plainly been communicating to his supporters caught up in the Mueller investigation that they are assured a pardon for their trouble. This started with Trumps public comments during Manaforts receiving an early morning visit from the FBI. This can be a bit of a double edged sword for sure but as of this moment in time thats how Trump is playing this. Who knows where it will go if the deep state tends to pressure to control him on such things.

    Pure in your face politics, these are the games that occur within the political realm. Trump plays these games in a very overt way.

  • wayne

    I am going to pivot to; 3 hours of Scott Adams

    Joe Rogan Experience #874 – Scott Adams
    November 17, 2016

  • Cotour

    Listening to the first 15 minutes of Scott Adams and his analysis of Trump, and what you must understand is that Trump does not do these things as a function of conscious analysis and plan, he does it all as a function of his natural and developed personality.

    Two very different things.

    It might be easy to while listening to the analysis to think that just like Adams lays it all out that Trump, or anyone else who does naturally what they do, does the same thing. They do not for the most part do that. Its like breathing, we do it naturally all of the time and do not think one second about it, until some points it out.

  • Max

    If Gorka wanted to fight ISIS and radical jihadists, he had no further to look then down the hallway from his office.
    Smoking gun evidence that the CIA has been supporting Gihadists with $1 billion worth of materials delivered on diplomatic planes flying outside their declared routes.
    Contractors like purple shovel and sky bridge are involved. Trumps former communications man, Anthony Scaramucci, owns sky bridge.
    This is big, very big!

  • Cotour


    I did not see where Scaramuci was mentioned in this article.

    And I find none of this surprising, there is the publicly promoted, owned and “legal” agenda that governments put forth, and then there are the covert and clandestine agendas that are executed in order to “take care of business” and “get things done” related to other larger agendas that are unspoken. These two conversations are real and serve their purposes.

    Governments, all entities “government” are Amoral, try not to confuse your everyday man morality that you, I and we all live by in our daily lives with the things that governments do, they are two very different things. These are the two conversations.

  • Max

    Scaramucci’s name and business Association was mentioned on a morning radio show while they’re interviewing the reporter Dilyana. I did a search on his name and purple shovel and came up with this at zero hedge.
    In the comment section after the news article, A long post by California girl was connecting the dots with a lot of references. She wasn’t sure if Sky bridge was the same as sky bridge tactical.

  • Max
    I don’t know who these people are but they have information. At first I thought it was recruitment film for sky bridge tactical. They don’t know if Scaramucci owns this company.
    The same radio show which interviewed the reporter gave more information today about some of the weapons on the manifest. There’s been no verification yet but 200 tons of White phosphorus bombs was delivered to Europe and the Middle East.

  • Cotour

    “Despite all of the above, Debbie Wasserman Shultz maintains that she “did the right thing,” ”

    This is D.W. Shultz’s attempt to immunize herself from any prosecution for her bad decisions or worse, assisting or participating in an espionage ring that she introduced or facilitated into the government. This is a Hillary Clinton political health protocol now. “What was her intent?” asks the FBI. She was doing her “Best” and her intent was pure therefore she is golden. The Rosenbergs were doing their “Best” also.

    DWS: “I had the best intentions so anything I did is not to be investigated and I am not to be scrutinized.”


    This is Skybridge Capital

    This link below is Scaramuci’s connection to Skybridge Capital

    This is Skybridge Tactical

    I can not find a connection between Scaramuci and Skybridge Tactical, to be fair to Scaramuci, I think a confusion may have occurred here.

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