North Korea launches rocket

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North Korea today launched a rocket that has apparently put an object into orbit.



  • Rocco

    Well I think the recent dooms day clock of 3 minutes to midnight needs to be changed again. My concern is that Kim Jong Un will set off a Nuke (EMP device) over the USA or Japan. Then it’s curtains for more than 50% of America and 100% for the North Koreans.

  • Orion314

    I seriously wonder about that last statement, I don’t think the current US admin has the stones to retaliate against N Korea, ( especially with a nuke response ) as regardless whether or not N korea cooks off a nuke at Japan or the US, are we really going to risk WWIII with china/russia over that? I don’t see it happening…

  • pzatchok

    IF NK does anything stupid I could see China either invading them and kicking out the rulers or standing back and letting a US led coalition into do the job.

    Most dictators are allowed to do anything they want inside their own boarders but as soon as they step outside that area they make a LOT of enemies out of former friends.

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