North Korea might have mobile ICBM capability

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Does this make you feel safer? Satellite data suggests that North Korea might be preparing to test launch a mobile ICBM.

North Korea could launch either its Kn-08 or Kn-14 mobile ballistic missiles which would have a longer range and could potentially hit the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The Kn-14 is thought to be a more precise version of the Kn-08, and it is believed the regime showed it for the first time at a military parade in 2015, officials say.

…if the North were, for the first time, to launch a mobile missile with these types of ranges, it would be a significant military advance and a change in the North Korean calculus for the U.S., military officials say. In a conflict, mobile launchers can quickly shoot and move to a new position making it very difficult for satellites or spy planes to track them. It would also be a violation of U.N. resolutions banning North Korea from ballistic missile tests.

Well, why worry? Those U.N. resolutions will obviously prevent North Korea from doing anything. So will harsh words from Obama and his diplomats. Hasn’t that always worked?



  • M D M

    I said that we should destroy N Korean nuclear bomb research and manufacture facilities 20 years ago…even if it meant War with N Korea and China. I said the same thing about the Iranian facilities 10 years ago.
    Virtually all liberals and conservatives(Dems and Republicans) said I was a crazy, war mad, dangerous lunatic [even John Bolton was unwilling to use the “W” word]. It is now probably too late since they now have the bombs in hand. Do you think I wrong? What were you saying at that time?

  • Wayne

    M D M:
    Right with you on this.
    This is what happens when armistice agreements are signed, rather than surrender documents.
    Differ with you on one point— it’s never too late to vaporize ones enemies, we have the weapons we just lack the political will to finish the job once & forever.

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