North Korea test fires another ballistic missile

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Does this make you feel safer? North Korea today test fired a ballistic missile.

Few details about the test are known at this time, including how far the missile flew and what type of missile it was.



  • Tom Billings

    We now know that the missile was sent on an elevated trajectory to decrease its range. It went about 550 km high, which meant it plopped into the Sea of Japan about 500 kilometers from its launch site in North Pyongan province. These missile dynamics make it likely to be a Rodong-1 missile, long in use, being used to turn the screws a bit in NE Asia. Kim wants to impress his generals that he isn’t afraid of the big bad Trump.

    It simply emphasizes once again that Japan should have been emphasizing Ballistic Missile Defense from 1955 onward. The Nike Hercules of 1958-1998 was able to hit Short-Range Ballistic Missiles in tests. Adding a third stage with an infrared homing ability would have made it useful against IRBMs. Japan could have had its own non-nuclear BMD by 1970, without the US Spartan/Sprint missile system that the Democratic Party turned against and closed down in 1975.

    That, combined with an effective nuclear-depth bomb shelter program, would have made Japanese much safer even during WW3, and *far* safer today!

  • LocalFluff

    I suppose that the president casually asked Abe (as in ‘Abe’ Lincoln as he compared himself with during the press conference!!) intends to do anything about that North Korean nuclear missile problem. If he somehow perceives it to be a problem of any kind, and if so why he never has done anything about it, nor seems to ever intend to. Mentioning that the US under Trump would’ve taken immediately decisive measures to permanently eliminate the problem, if that kind of threat had any relevance to any US interests, which it does not in the foreseeable future.

    “- Now, lets leave your local internal party politics at home over there, which is of no concern at all to the US, and instead turn to my favorite subject:
    Fair trade balance and how to most quickly replace the Yen with the Dollar! What fraction of cars on Japanese roads today are Made In Great America? 90%? 95%? My closest economic advisers tell me that it should be and I agree.”

  • Edward

    Tom Billings,
    Here is a video from what looks like a newsreel on the Nike Hercules being tested on a short range ballistic missile: (2 minutes)

    The description section has a lot of detail.

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