North Korean missile launch fails

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Does this make you feel safer? An attempt by North Korea to test a ballistic missile launched from a mobile platform failed seconds after launch today.



  • pzatchok

    Does it make me feel safer?


    Does the short pudgy one make me feel less safe? No.

    One nuclear missile fired into any nation other than his and NK becomes Asia’s newest glass factory.

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    I imagine the N. Korean rockets scientists are having a sleepless night wondering which one will be executed.

  • Matt

    There is no real threat to USA by North Korea, it is only a political play, even the North Korea ruler is crazy enough to face thermonuclear extermination by US missiles as response to an assumed or proposed North Korean attack against USA with its few and small Hiroshima type nukes. There is an open question: Why do the USA adminstration and US media exaggerate the hazards so much?

  • pzatchok

    Its not the hazard to the US, its the hazard to our allies and the possible larger war it could start by restarting the Korean war.
    Which was for all intents and purposes a war with China.

    Pick any nation within 1000 miles of him and extrapolate what might happen if he even accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on them.

  • Wayne

    pzatchok : Good point.

  • Edward

    Pzatchok and Matt are seeing the larger picture. Although it may be nice to fantasize about nuking North Korea, the reality is that a thermonuclear — or even a nuclear — bomb would have terrible effects on our allies, South Korea and Japan. China would not react well, either.

    Added to that is the certainty that North Korea would invade South Korea (to nuke the troops on the border would be to cause tremendous damage to nearby Seoul, which would be the invasion’s first goal). Thus, North Korea has no fear that we will perform any preemptive strikes, and has little fear of any retaliatory nuclear strikes.

    For reasonable countries, nuclear weapons are a political tool, but they are extremely limited in their usefulness, because everyone knows that reasonable leaders would not use them except after their country was destroyed and there were no political ramifications left to worry about.

    Poor and unreasonable countries are able to use them in limited amounts, because they understand that only conventional weapons would be used in retaliation. Plus, they have little to lose. Their leaders are only the biggest fish in their small ponds but are tiny fish compared to the leaders of the great nations. However, actually starting hostilities would most likely end their reigns.

    There is even supposition that Iran may use nukes to wreak chaos for religious reasons, rather than political reasons, and may not care that their reign ends.

  • Matt

    I am sorry, I forgot an important “not” in my comment above. Corrected the text must be: “even the North Korea ruler is not crazy enough to face” ….. You may did note it.

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