November 15, 2016 Space Show appearance

Week Three: Ninth Anniversary Fund-Raising Drive for Behind the Black

It is now the third week in my annual anniversary fund-raising campaign for Behind the Black.

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For those that want to listen to my two-hour appearance on the Space Show last night, you can download the podcast at The Space Show website. David Livingston also provides at this link a short summary of some of the topics we covered during last night’s show.



  • wayne

    Mr. Z– FYI

    >In my browser, on the front page of BtB, right hand column, in the box “Last 5 Essays…”— what I’m seeing is a block of raw HTML code, and not the list of the last 5 essays..
    I did check using both my Edge browser & Internet Explorer, and that box just renders as code.

    >Referencing Pratt on Texas for November 9th– on his Podomatic page, November 9 just doesn’t exist anymore. He had it linked briefly but it wasn’t active, and then it just vanished entirely.

    Ref The Space Show:
    Kudos to Dr. Livingston for posting his shows quickly, and I do enjoy the longer-form. You both do a good job of discussing/explaining stuff, in a straightforward manner. (as if you were having coffee in my living room.)
    At The Space Show, I recently came across a Dr. Spudis, ( if I’m spelling that correctly) who has a lot of great ideas about colonizing the Moon as part of a step-wise plan. I’d enjoy anyone’s input regarding him. Downloaded some of his other audio/video but haven’t gone through it yet. ( I like Mars & more power to Musk, but I tend to think we should target the Moon.)

    Oh– don’t have a link handy, but RUSH was talking “Space Policy” a few days ago. Ran maybe 10 minutes or so. I don’t have a subscription but he does transcribe everything, so it’s ‘findable’ if someone has the access. (Haven’t checked if it made it to his free snippet section or if someone uploaded the whole audio show to YouTube, yet.)
    Rush is an “airplane guy,” (& loves his Apple techie products) but just in that brief discussion, he did appear to understand more about Space than I had assumed. He’s for free-market space, in a nutshell.
    -I bring this up ‘cuz it’s relevant & if I recall correctly, you & JB have discussed Rush briefly on past shows.

  • Wayne: I am having Shane at amixa look at this. He just upgraded the system. Things don’t always upgrade perfectly.

  • wayne

    website looks fine.

    >>Found the Rush blurb I referenced above– it sounded better on the radio (& in-my-mind)

    >This, is extremely interesting:

    “The Value of the Moon”
    Dr. Paul Spudis
    October 2016

    “Planetary scientist Dr. Paul Spudis of the Lunar and Planetary Institute presents his argument for returning humans to the Moon before reaching for Mars and other destinations. Spudis explores three reasons for returning to the Moon: It is close, it is interesting, and it is useful. He argues the Moon is a logical base for further space exploration and possibly a future home for humanity. This was the first presentation in the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s 2016–2017 Cosmic Exploration Speaker Series — Mercury to Mars: LPI Explores the Solar System.”

  • Problem fixed! Thank you for letting me know about it.

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