November 8, 2016 Batchelor/McCotter/Rose/Zimmerman podcast

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Embedded below the fold. This was my appearance on Batchelor last night after it appeared pretty clear that Trump was going to win.



  • Calvin Dodge

    Wrong episode.

  • Wayne & Lindsey in Tigard

    Calvin– it’s the correct link–Mr. Z starts about 5 minutes in.

    Mr. Z– check your Pratt on Texas link (the second one)– it points to ‘page not found.’

  • Wayne: I have emailed Robert Pratt to see if he will post the talk as a podcast. This link originally went to my last appearance on his show, but that link has now expired.

  • LocalFluff

    The anti-establishment president elected has often spoken about using successful businessmen to negotiate trade deals. What about offering the position as NASA administrator to Elon Musk? One could transfer heliophysics and cosmology (the space telescopes) to NSF and turn NASA into a Solar System exploration agency. Humans would be on Mars in eight years, when Ivanka Trump becomes the first woman president.

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